Does the Brennan B2 have a DAC?

B2 uses a Texas Instruments TPA3110 power amp and a Burr Brown PCM2902C DAC – you can go to the TI website for real detail on the specifications of these devices.

How do I connect my Brennan B2 to Sonos?

Using with Sonos Launch the Sonos program then click on Manage->Music Library Settings… Click on Add then select the NAS option. Set the path to the Brennan B2 music folder. You can use Browse – you will find it under the network folder.

How do I update my Brennan jb7?

Peter Lowham

  1. Download the latest ‘’ file from the Brennan wesite to my server (or laptop)
  2. ‘Unzip’ the ‘sqdb.
  3. You will now have a file named ‘sqdb’ (the latest one is 588,415 KB size).
  4. Start up your CD Burner program.
  5. Insert a new CD-R.
  6. In the CD Burner program select the ‘sqdb’ file.

Can you connect a Brennan B2 to an amplifier?

Brennan B2 uses a 3.5mm stereo jack and your amplifier probably has twin phono (or RCA) sockets so you will need a cable like the one on the left to connect them. Important – because of the shared use of the output you need to turn up the volume almost on the B2 to max – say level 60 – and leave it there.

Are Brennan speakers any good?

You might imagine that I don’t like the Brennan speakers very much. Not true. For $99 a pair, I’d say they’re a true bargain, faults and all. When playing music that’s been faithfully recorded, the Brennan’s sound quite good and are enjoyable.

Does Brennan B2 have Bluetooth?

The Brennan B2 can receive music from bluetooth devices like mobile phones and tablets. (B2 has a Bluetooth Out capability but see below). You will need a Bluetooth dongle.

How do I find my Brennan IP address?

To start the Web UI you must have previously connected the Brennan to your wifi network. The Brennan will display an IP address on its display. It will look something like 192.168. 0.6.

How do I play a CD collection on Sonos?

Just plug in your CD player to Sonos Five’s line-in port with an audio cable, and you’re good to go. But for other Sonos speakers, you will need an additional device, either a Sonos Port or a Sonos Amp.

Are Brennan Speakers good?

Sound is great with the Brennan, especially for something so compact. Very pleased with them. Good value for an excellent product. The speakers may be small but the sound is outstanding and a lot more powerful than I expected.

Can you use headphones with Brennan B2?

Does B2 take headphones? Yes – it takes headphones with a small (3.5mm) jack. Plug them into the Line Out at the back – that will mute the main speakers.

How do you use Brennan B2?

Setup Wifi – From the Main Menu > SCROLL to Settings > SELECT > at Setup WIFI press SELECT > the display shows ‘Scanning’ as the B2 checks for available networks. These are then displayed > SCROLL to view > SELECT > enter password (if required) > NEXT to connect.