Does RIMAC have lockers?

Canyonview Aquatic Center: (858) 534-5375 There are only day use lockers available at the Canyonview Aquatic Complex. $20 per quarter, lock is provided. Monday // Wednesday // Friday from 12–2pm at Main Gym *Also in RIMAC during regular building hours.

Does RIMAC gym have showers?

Additionally, numerous concert and lecture events, summer camps, and non-University events — such as the workouts for the 1992 Olympic Dream Team — have been hosted in this complex. Men’s and Women’s locker rooms and showers are available on the first floor of the Main Hym.

Is RIMAC closed?

RIMAC is temporarily closed, please see notice below.

Does UCSD have lockers?

Lockers are located at Geisel 1st Floor West. Contact [email protected] with questions.

Does UCSD have a weight room?

Opened in 1995 and designed by Jeff Milton and Tony Salerno, this world class facility offers everything you can imagine. Eleiko bumpers with dedicated platforms, free weights, dumbbells, core equipment, vinyl plyo boxes to prevent injury, Hammer Strength equipment and multi-use cable units.

Does UC San Diego have a gym?

Main Gym is the current home of the UC San Diego fencing teams and former home of men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s volleyball prior to the opening of RIMAC Arena. The Main Gymnasium Floor is approximately 115′ x 100′ of hardwood flooring.

Is UCSD gym free for students?

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to use all UC San Diego sports facilities including RIMAC, the Main Gym, and the Canyonview Aquatic Complex.

Is there a sauna at UCSD?

Our memberships include: • Access to all public facilities during hours of operation, the use of locker rooms, pools, sauna, jacuzzis, weight rooms, cardio machines, and indoor/outdoor courts • Discounts on Fit-Yoga Pass and Rec classes • Discounts on Outback Adventures and Mission Bay Aquatic Center rentals and trips …

What does Rimac stand for UCSD?

The Recreation, IntraMural and Athletic Complex
The Recreation, IntraMural and Athletic Complex (RIMAC) is the cornerstone of UC San Diego’s sports facilities. This nearly-200,000-square-foot facility is located just south of the 12-acre North Campus Recreation Area Field on the northwest corner of campus.

Is UCSD gym free?

Children ages 9 and under may enter free with an adult card-holder. Children and dependents age 10 and older may apply for a Recreation Card to use campus facilities. Check out the wide range of recreation classes and workshops offered for students each quarter — as well as their youth programs.

Where can I lift weights in UCSD?

UC San Diego Weight Rooms

  • 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093.
  • 197 people checked in here.
  • (858) 534-3699.
  • Gym/Physical Fitness Center. · Fitness Trainer.
  • Price Range · $$

Can UCSD alumni use Rimac?

For qualifying UCSD staff or student family members, extension students, seniors, alumni/retirees, on-campus institutes and visiting graduate students. Includes access to RIMAC, Main Gym and Canyonview facilities, outdoor Recreation tracks, courts, parks and fields. For qualifying UCSD Faculty and Staff.