Does Phil Dunphy have ADHD?

Phil is shown to be childlike and clumsy at times, and as implied by Claire to possibly have ADHD, characteristics he seems to share with his son Luke.

Who killed Bryce in 13 Reasons Why?

What is the summary of 13 reasons why?

The series revolves around high school student Clay Jensen and the aftermath of high school student Hannah Baker’s suicide. Before her death, she leaves behind a box of cassette tapes in which she details the reasons why she chose to end her life as well as the people she believes are responsible for her death.

What is the story of 13 reasons why season 1?

Season one revolved around the suicide of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Before her death, Hannah had recorded 13 tapes, in which she explained a reason why she chose to take her own life. Clay Jensen, meanwhile, had secretly recorded Bryce confessing to assaulting Hannah.

Who killed himself 13 reasons why season 1?

Alex Standall

Who did Alex Dunphy lose her virginity to?

4 Alex: Revealing Haley wasn’t a virgin to Phil There’s a level of trust, where you know they will have your back no matter what or provide emotional support when needed. However, Alex broke Haley’s trust when she revealed to Phil that Haley had lost her virginity to Dylan.

What happens in the first episode of 13 reasons why?

Clay Jensen finds a box filled with audio cassette tapes anonymously dropped on his front doorstep. He plays the first one in his dad’s boombox and realizes it is his recently deceased classmate Hannah Baker who is talking, before accidentally dropping it and breaking the play button when scared by his mother.

How do you act like Haley Dunphy?

Do your makeup like Haley.

  1. Apply a primer to your eyelids. A good one to use would be Urban Decay primer potion, but you can use any kind.
  2. She has pale/nude lips so exfoliate and apply a good lip balm.
  3. Paint your nails!
  4. Haley tends to have quite natural makeup, although she’s been seen wearing a smoky eye look.

Why did they end modern family?

We don’t want to do a series just because we want to keep the thing going or because we miss it. It would need to be a solid idea in its own right and that may happen, it may not. But it will get discussed. But it’s a tall order.”

Why is Haley not in Modern Family?

“Why has Haley been missing from so many episodes of Modern Family this season?” one fan asked the actress. She retweeted the question and replied, “Apparently I’ve been busy with the twins.” As for what’s next, she’s not letting the downtime get her worried.

Did Alex Standall kill Bryce?

The season finale provided a three-part answer to the central question of who killed Bryce when it was revealed that Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler) beat Bryce and left him for dead on a boating dock, but that it was Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) who threw him into the water, where he ultimately drowned, after Bryce …

Did Phil and Claire get divorced?

On Modern Family, Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil Dunphey (Ty Burrell) stayed together. In real life, Bowen divorced her husband Scott Phillips in 2018 after 13 years of marriage. She didn’t even realize the divorce was final.

What is Haley Dunphy’s job?

Haley has worked multiple jobs since the series began and currently works as a style editor for the wacky internet lifestyle brand Nerp.

Does Haley Dunphy have an eating disorder?

In addition to her inability to get jokes and overall ignorance of pretty much everything, it was a defining character trait. But that obsession may have come at a price. On more than one occasion, the series implied that Haley may have had an eating disorder, specifically anorexia.

Did Alex go to jail for killing Bryce?

Winston Williams ended season three vowing to get to the bottom of why Monty de la Cruz was framed for Bryce’s death. As season four begins, his mission is put into full effect. He loves Alex and Monty, but he decides to not turn over the evidence that would send Alex to jail for Bryce’s murder.

Who plays rainers daughter in Modern Family?

But things get a little too friendly when Phil’s actions unwittingly cause Rainer to ask his 20-something daughter, Hayley (played by 25-year-old Sarah Hyland), out on a date — and Phil flips when he finds the two kissing on his front porch.

What did Rainer ask Haley?

Mitchell and Haley go out for tea, an uncle-niece tradition they’ve been doing for years. Haley reveals to Mitchell that Rainer asked her to do something she wasn’t comfortable with in bed, but before Haley can tell him what it is, Rainer walks in and joins them for tea.

Why did Haley and Rainer break up?

The only reason that they broke up was that Haley didn’t want a relationship. She just wanted a fling, but the doctor wanted more and Haley admits she thinks he’s too clingy.

Who is Luke dating on Modern Family?


Is Meredith in love with Alex?

Right now, at least with Season 16, that apparently isn’t in the cards so much. As far as relationships go, “love” as we know it has yet to officially blossom between Meredith and Alex. As things currently stand, Alex is actually in a relationship with girlfriend Jo Wilson.

When did Alex Dunphy lose her virginity?

She began drinking recreation-ally at age 16, sometime around the events of “A Hard Jay’s Night”. She lost her virginity at age 17, as she accidentally reveals to her father in “Double Click”. Like her brother and her sister, Alex has an allergy.

Why do Mitch and Cam never kiss?

This precise issue was addressed by ABC in a statement. The very short answer is that in-universe, Mitchell is written as being uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

Can Luke Dunphy actually sing?

Manny admits Luke can sing, so he talks Luke into performing.

Who does Alex end up with?

Alex and Izzie’s love story seemingly came to an end when cancer survivor Izzie was last seen in Season 6 leaving Seattle after Alex refused to resume their marriage. Alex eventually moved on, marrying Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington).

How old is Haley Dunphy when she gets pregnant?

So that will be a really interesting aspect because she is 25 years old, which is a completely normal time to have a baby; in some states that’s old and in other states that’s a fetus.

Is Luke Dunphy a virgin?

Luke loses his virginity this season, slightly upsetting Phil, this is similar to when Alex and Haley lost their virginity.

How old is Luke in Modern Family?

When the show first started, Luke was 10 years old, which is clear when Claire mentions it in the episode “Coal Digger,” and, in theory, he should have turned 11 years old by the episode “Fizbo.” However, three episodes later in “Not In My House,” it’s revealed that Luke is still 10 years old.