Does D Gray Man have an anime?

The manga has been adapted into a 103-episode anime series by TMS Entertainment which aired from October 2006 to September 2008 in Japan and is licensed by Funimation in North America. A 13-episode sequel anime series, D. Gray-Man Hallow, also produced by TMS Entertainment.

Why is D Gray Man called that?

Sign in to vote. Note: The show is called D. Gray Man because it was the original name of the main character until Katsura Hoshino decided that she wanted to change his name to Allen Walker. This isn’t reveled in the series.

Is D Gray-Man a good anime?

Overall this anime is excellent [9-10] and covers almost every genre; A worthy watch! It can be compared with the popular shounen anime Naruto and Bleach but I found more interest in D. Gray-man which is a bit more serious and in depth….Reviews.

Overall 9
Story 8
Animation 9
Sound 7
Character 10

Does D Gray-Man anime have romance?

D. Gray-man has a very very light hint of romance. I honestly wouldn’t even consider romance as a sub-genre for it.

Is D Gray-Man anime finished?

Gray-man anime series lasted for 103 episodes, spread across three “stages,” or four seasons. After the conclusion of the fourth season, however, the series simply stopped. It did have an ending of sorts, with the Black Order’s future left uncertain; however, this wasn’t meant to be the end of the series in general.

How old is Miranda in D Gray Man?

Miranda Lotto (ミランダ・ロットー, Miranda Rottō) is a 25-year-old German woman whose clock caused time to rewind in her town after she unknowingly activated the Innocence inside it.

Does D Gray-Man have romance?

Is D Gray-Man shounen?

Gray-man is a dark fantasy shounen manga series created by Hoshino Katsura. In Japan, it was serialized in the popular magazine Weekly Shounen Jump from 2004 to 2009; as of November 2009 it has transitioned to a monthly format in the Jump SQ magazine.