Does Chelsea have a crush on sumo?

She is best friends with Alison, as seen in “Clarence’s Millions.” It is possible that at one time, she has a crush on Sumo, as seen in “Too Gross for Comfort.” In “Spooky Boo,” it’s revealed that Chelsea has a mom and a brother named Glary. Her father made his official appearance in “Pizza Hero.”

Who is sumo girlfriend from Clarence?

Ashley is a shy girl who easily succumbs to peer pressure from her friends. According to Sumo, she’s a “nice girl.” She remains friends with Clarence even after their date went poorly.

What episode does Sumo kiss Chelsea?

Storyboard by Too Gross For Comfort is the twenty-third episode in Season 1 of Clarence.

What’s wrong with sumo in Clarence?

Sumo has 12 siblings; 9 young brothers, 2 older brothers and one sister. Sumo finds math and tests boring. For some reason, Sumo sometimes flips out while hearing squeaky noises, causing him to distort outlines. This happens in episodes such as “Clarence Gets a Girlfriend”, “Lil’ Buddy”, and “Tuckered Boys”.

How did Josh lose his hand Clarence?

In the same episode, he fell out of a train car and lost his right hand, likely by it getting chopped off by the train wheels—in “Chalmers Santiago,” he is seen with a two-hooked prosthetic on his wrist.

Who are Chelsea’s parents in Clarence?

Keezheekoni is a character of Clarence. He is the father of Chelsea and Glary.

How old is Ashley from Clarence?

Clarence Ashley
Birth name Clarence Earl McCurry
Also known as Tom Ashley, Thomas C. Ashley
Born September 29, 1895 Bristol, Tennessee, U.S.
Died June 2, 1967 (aged 71) Winston-Salem, North Carolina, U.S.

Who plays Pippy in Clarence?

Jenny Slate’s
This is Jenny Slate’s second time voicing a character from a Cartoon Network series, as she had previously voiced the Huntress Wizard in Adventure Time. She is the only character who has only four fingers. She is also one of the few characters who lacks a nose.

What is Chad in Clarence?

Chad is Mary’s live-in boyfriend and a father-figure to Clarence, who looks up to him. He has a bachelor’s degree and works as a sign spinner at Hip Clips, which is also where Mary works.

Does sumo from Clarence have a sister?

Brandi Sumouski is a minor character in Clarence. She is Sumo’s only sister.

Does Jeff from Clarence have 2 moms?

Jeff is the only known character in the show to have two moms. In the Beauford T. Pusser Short, it’s shown that Jeff’s allergic to cats or cat hair.