Do I salute an officer in civilian clothes?

If it is a military member, they will salute officers. It is customary to return the salute whether you are in uniform or wearing civilian clothes. At all bases, military members (as pedestrians) are required to salute staff cars when there’s an occupant inside the car.

Can a civilian salute a Marine?

“The President of the United States, as the commander in chief, will be saluted by Army personnel in uniform. “Civilian personnel, to include civilian guards, are not required to render the hand salute to military personnel or other civilian personnel.

Can a soldier salute in civilian clothes?

During the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag or when the flag is passing in a parade or in review, all persons present in uniform should render the military salute. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute.

How should a civilian address a military officer?

Generally, when speaking directly to an officer, it is customary to refer to him or her simply as “Sir” or “Ma’am,” rather than by rank and last name. You should avoid addressing the officer or any Soldier just by rank (e.g., “Colonel,” “Lieutenant,” or “Sergeant”), as this is often considered rude.

Do you salute an officer indoors?

When an officer enters a room, the first enlisted person to recognize the officer calls personnel in the room to attention but does not salute. A salute indoors is rendered only when reporting to an officer. Walk on the left of and slightly behind an officer or NCO of superior rank.

Can a veteran in civilian clothes salute the flag?

Saluting the American Flag when in civilian attire MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute. MEN remove hats and hold at left shoulder with hand over heart; without hat, place right hand, palm open, over heart.

Do civilians have to call officers sir?

If you are a civilian, you aren’t obligated to use any specific salutation with anyone. That said, if you want to be respectful, addressing someone by their rank is probably the best, and if you don’t know the rank, then sir/ma’am would be ok I imagine.

How do you address a civilian in the Marines?

Talking to Military as a Civilian. Greet military members using their proper title if you know it. If you know a service member’s rank, use their title of address to talk to them.

Can Marines salute indoors?

Is it proper to salute when not in uniform?

Saluting during the Pledge of Allegiance is not altered. When not in uniform males of all ages should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Females of all ages should place their hand over their heart.

Do Marines salute without a cover?

Army Regulations don’t really apply to Naval Drill & Ceremonies. 1) Marines don’t salute indoors. 2) We “generally” don’t wear covers indoors, unless under arms (in possession of a weapon or on duty which is “figurative” armed).

Is it proper to salute an officer in civilian clothes?

If you are in civilian clothing and the officer is in uniform, you do not salute. You may greet them by rank. If the officer is in civilian clothing and you are in uniform and recognize them as an officer, it is proper to render a salute. I always salute an Officer in civillan clothes or in uniform unless we’re in the filed or in public off post .

What is the Marine Corps dress code for female officers?

For female Marines, the coat and skirt must be of the same material; however, if the coat is worn with slacks, the coat and slacks may be of different materials. 2003. BLUE-WHITE DRESS UNIFORMS (See Appendix figure 33-44)

What do you wear in the Marines?

uniform is worn year, round, in garrison. Sleeves are rolled up during the summer season, and down in the winter season. The desert MARPAT uniform is worn by exception in garrison and in the field. Marines must maintain one pair of certified temperate weather and one pair of hot weather boots.

What is the care and marking of the uniforms of the Marines?

01 MAY 2018 1-193 Enclosure (1) Chapter 10 Care and Marking of Uniforms SECTION 1: CARE OF THE UNIFORM 10100. GENERAL 1. The following information is presented to help prolong the useful life of uniforms and accessories so that they may be worn with the justifiable pride, which distinguishes Marines in uniform. 2.