Do drum magazines jam?

Drums mag could be a 2 times multiplier, so 90% dur = 20% jam and 80% dur = 40% jam. Of course, these numbers are all made up, but you get the idea. So I definitely think this is a point that BSG should consider, and are likely already considering.

Why was the Tommy Gun discontinued?

Eventually, the drum magazines were discontinued by the military as they were expensive and the rounds rattled around inside the drum when the soldier carrying the weapon moved. This was something that didn’t happen with the 20 and 30-round box magazines.

How much is a 1928 Tommy Gun worth?

In 1928, Federal Laboratories took over distribution of the weapon from Thompson’s Auto Ordnance Corporation. The new cost was listed as $225 per weapon (equivalent to $3,551 in 2021), with $5 per 50-round drum and $3 per 20-round magazine.

What gangster made the Tommy Gun famous?

The gun was nicknamed the “chopper” or “Chicago piano” as it was wielded by some of the most colorful and dangerous Prohibition-era gangsters including John Dillinger, “Machine Gun” Kelly, “Pretty Boy” Floyd and “Baby Face” Nelson (who used a Thompson to murder two FBI agents).

How reliable are drum magazines?

Perhaps one of the most notable disadvantages of a drum is its lack of reliability compared to a box magazine. It’s true that all magazines eventually fail, but some are far more durable than others.

Are tommy guns still good?

And it had a greater effective range. But despite its relatively short service life, the Thompson is still recognized today as the iconic submachine gun. Kyle Mizokami is a defense and national-security writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and the Daily Beast.

Is a Tommy Gun reliable?

The sheer reliability of the Thompson, particularly in its less-expensive but equally deadly M1A1 model, made it the perfect weapon to endure battlefield conditions where rain, mud, snow and sand made weapon care a chore.

How much did Al Capone’s Tommy Gun sell for?

Al Capone’s family sold several of the infamous Chicago gangster’s prized possessions over the weekend in California, collecting at least $3 million, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press reported. Capone’s favorite gun, a . 45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, sold for $860,000.

Who owns Al Capone’s Tommy Gun?

Valentine’s Day Massacre, supposedly orchestrated by Al Capone against a rival crew in a garage at 2122 N. Clark St. , left seven men dead and made news around the world. The guns are now owned by the Sheriff’s Office of Berrien County in Michigan, where they are used to educate the public.

Why is the tommy gun called the Chicago typewriter?

Found in the hands of gangsters, motorized bandits, and the lawmen who pursued them, the Thompson was known as the “Chicago Typewriter”, because the sound of a Thompson being fired resembled the sound of typing on a typewriter in the distance throughout south-side Chicago.