Did JaVale McGee play during the Olympics?

Pamela, a two-time basketball hall-of-famer, was a member of the 1984 squad that defeated South Korea 85-55. Thirty-seven years later, JaVale, 33, secured agold medal at the Tokyo Games, when the United States beat France 87-82 on Saturday.

Is JaVale McGee a Hall of Famer?

JaVale McGee joined his mom as an Olympic gold medalist After winning two national championships at USC, Pamela McGee is a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. She was also a member of the gold-medal U.S. Olympic women’s basketball team in 1984.

Has JaVale McGee been an All Star?

McGee has been in the NBA for 13 seasons and only three of those ended with him as a double-figure scorer. He never has been to the All-Star Game. He has started fewer than half of the games in which he has appeared.

Why is JaVale McGee in the Olympics?

“We took advantage of the opportunity to call the Olympics personally,” McGee said. “We was just like ‘Yo, we’re ready if you need a big. I know you don’t have anyone of my caliber on the team. A 7-foot guy who can roll to the rim and protect the basket,’” he said.

What did JaVale McGee’s mom win a gold medal for?

According to the Olympics’ website, JaVale’s mother Pamela McGee won a gold medal in the women’s basketball tournament 37 years earlier in the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic games. Pamela played basketball at Southern Cal alongside her twin sister Paula McGee.

Who is JaVale McGee’s sister?

Imani McGee-Stafford
Tiffany Montgomery
JaVale McGee/Sisters

Is Manu Ginobili in the Hall of Fame?

Spurs Legend Manu Ginóbili will be inducted into the 2022 NBA Hall of Fame. Ginobile, who retired in 2018, got the phone call over the weekend that so many players dream of. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Are McGee teeth gold?

Game 1 Warrior Wonder: JaVale McGee Actually, there is one thing he can’t do: he can’t stop swagging on the NBA. McGee has taken basketball fashion to the next level with his iconic gold grill mouth piecel.

How many points did JaVale McGee score in the Olympics?

While JaVale owns three NBA titles, this was his first time at the Olympics. He hardly saw the floor during Team USA’s gold medal run, but he made the most of his time on the floor. He scored 25 points across 20 minutes in six games as a big man reserve.

How many minutes did JaVale McGee play in Olympics?


Match Min Pts
Accumulated 20 25
Average 5.0 6.3