Can you take an AR test at home?

Due to the coronavirus and students working from home, we are providing students with access to the Accelerated Reading program outside of school. This will enable students to read books and take quizzes from the comfort of home.

Why is my Examplify not working?

The Examplify update process should trigger a full restart of your machine at the end of the update process. If the application keeps prompting you to update and has not restarted, shut it down, then start it up again and go back into Examplify. This should resolve the issue.

How does exam Net detect cheating?

In order to maintain a high user-friendliness, we supplement the hard cheat protection (hindering the students to start the exam) with a number of underlying controls and logs for detection of cheats with software, split-screens, integrity of variables, events, source code, settings or use of virtual machines and …

Does ExamSoft use WiFi?

No WiFi connection is required during the exam. The recording is captured locally on the exam-taker’s device. WiFi is only necessary to start the exam and to upload the final recording once the exam has been completed.

What is exam soft?

ExamSoft is a secure testing solution that is used for high stakes exams. This software enables secure testing on student computers by blocking access to programs, files and Internet usage during the test. The client (vendor) used for testing students is Examplify.

Can Examplify use Webcam?

Note: In Examplify, you will be able to use the Notes option as a scratch paper or the Calculator option by clicking on the Tool Kit (see red below). Video recording will begin automatically, including both webcam and screen capture throughout your entire assessment.

Can ExamSoft detect phone?

No Using External Devices No mobile phones, tablets, or other electronics of any kind are permitted.

Is ExamSoft and Examplify the same?

ExamSoft is a web-based portal that requires an internet connection to access. Examplify is an application downloaded to a computer that ensures students can complete an assessment in a stable and offline environment.

How do you cheat on a proctored test?

One of the popular ways of cheating adopted by some candidates is screen mirroring. Candidates download screen-mirroring apps before the test and give exam access to an impersonator who could take control of the test mid-way through screen sharing.