Can you swear in an essay?

If you normally use curse words, it is ok to use them in your essay because it helps it sound like your voice – genuine, sincere, and honest. You want to show personality and passion in essays and cursing can actually help with that.

How do you censor curse words in text?

2 Answers. Standard practice is to substitute asterisk when replacing just some letters (especially vowels, and not normally the first or last letter) in a swear-word (for example – “sh*t”, or “c**t”). Any random combination of other “special” characters (including but not limited to &#%!</p>
<h2>Is it okay to use curse words in a college essay?</h2>
<p><div class=”LGOjhe” data-attrid=”wa:/description” aria-level=”3″ role=”heading” data-hveid=”CA8QAA”><span class=”ILfuVd NA6bn”><span class=”hgKElc”>No, it is not <b>okay</b> to <b>cuss</b> in a <b>college essay</b>. <b>College</b> writing is formal register writing, which means that you <b>use</b> whole <b>words</b> rather than abbreviations, you maintain a respectful tone, and you present support for your ideas so that the reader will be comfortable agreeing with you.</p>
<h2>What can I say instead of I swear?</h2>
<p><div class=”di3YZe”><div class=”co8aDb XcVN5d” aria-level=”3″ role=”heading”><b>What the cuss?</b> <b>50 <b>swear</b>-word alternatives</b></div><div class=”RqBzHd”><ul class=”i8Z77e”><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Balderdash!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>William Shatner!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Corn Nuts!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Dagnabbit!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Son of a monkey!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Barnacles!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Holy cow!</li><li class=”TrT0Xe”>Poo on a stick!</li></ul><div class=”u9iNfb”><div class=”ZGh7Vc”><a class=”truncation-information” href=”” data-ved=”2ahUKEwie8LWNrOfvAhVDVs0KHazMC64QnLoEMAh6BAgSEAE” ping=”/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=”>