Can you put a wine cooler inside a cabinet?

Yes, wine coolers can be installed in a cabinet, but only built in wine coolers. Freestanding wine coolers are not suitable to be installed inside of a cabinet or a tight space because the ventilation would be blocked.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine cabinet?

In fact, although both control the temperature of wine, refrigerated cabinets and wine coolers are more different than one might assume. Whereas coolers work well for chilling wines that you plan on serving soon, refrigerated cabinets balance and maintain multiple conditions for wine storage and aging.

How much does a built-in wine fridge cost?

The first cost to consider when purchasing a wine fridge is the initial upfront cost. This can be anywhere from $200 to $9,000+ depending on the refrigerator’s bottle capacity and features.

Where should a wine cooler be placed in a kitchen?

Top 10 Places to Put a Wine Cooler

  1. Kitchen. This is by far the most popular place for wine coolers.
  2. Dry Bar or Wet Bar.
  3. Cellar.
  4. Tasting Room.
  5. Dining Room.
  6. Restaurant or Café
  7. Wine Bar.
  8. Finished Basement, Den, or Entertainment Area.

Can you put a beverage cooler in a cabinet?

Be sure your cooler is exhausted/vented in the front and is designed for built-in installation. Installing a rear-vent cooler will damage your cabinets and cause the cooler to malfunction and break down. Check the specifications for built-in dimensions and power source clearance requirements.

Is a wine fridge the same as a wine cooler?

Wine coolers and wine refrigerators have subtle differences. Both appliances serve the same purpose: the proper storage of wine, whether red or white. A beverage fridge is similar to a wine fridge. Be wary, however, about storing your wines with other beverages—the wine will need a higher temperature.

Can you put a wine cooler next to an oven?

You should also avoid installing your wine fridge next to other kitchen appliances that generate heat – for example, your oven, microwave, dishwasher or tumble dryer. This can put too much pressure on your wine fridge to keep the wine cool and can raise the internal temperature of the wine fridge.