Can you get a breast lift with minimal scarring?

The crescent lift is the surgical technique that will result in the least amount of scarring. This breast lift technique requires only one small incision, made near the top edge of the areola.

How do you prevent scarring after a breast lift?

Obvious breast lift surgery scars may be treated by corticosteroid injection, by bleaching medications, by camouflage tattoo, by laser or intense pulsed light, or by surgical revision, depending on what features are causing scar visibility.

Can you get an internal bra without a breast lift?

In many cases, the internal bra can re-engineer a woman’s natural breast tissue to achieve results that a breast augmentation and lift alone simply cannot achieve.

How long does a scarless breast lift last?

Scarless Breast Lift Candidates Like all aesthetic procedures, the results are not permanent but they should last several years and scarless breast lifting with BodyTite or Morpheus 8 can be repeated as needed.

What is a scarless breast lift?

Our Philadelphia scarless breast lift is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes radiofrequency technology to gently tighten the skin of your breasts for a subtle, natural lift.

How long does the internal bra last?

The mesh will typically absorb within 18-24 months while the native tissue regenerates & grows stronger, leaving patient’s with long lasting results (approximately 10+ years).

How long does GalaFLEX last?

Best of all, the GalaFLEX® scaffold eventually breaks down via hydrolysis and is safely absorbed by the body after about 18-24 months, leaving behind only natural byproducts (carbon and water) and the newly developed, more durable breast tissue.

Does the vampire breast lift work?

The Vampire Breast Lift® is completely safe and proven effective. Certified providers utilize a sterile process for obtaining, concentrating and injecting PRP for cleavage improvement that is FDA-approved, and there has never been a documented complication from its use in any medical literature.

What is a keyhole lift?

The lollipop or keyhole is a breast lift incision technique wherein one cut is made around the edge of the areola and another from the areola to the breast crease. The incision creates a ‘lollipop’ or ‘keyhole’ shape. The scars are modest and easily hidden.