Can you do fatalities in Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

How to Use Fatalities in MK: Armageddon. Fatalities can only be used in the final round of a fight once an opponent’s life bar has been completely drained. When you see Finish Him! on the screen, stand next to the opponent and quickly enter the code on the PS2 controller to begin executing a fatality.

How do you unlock characters in Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

Unlock Characters

  1. Unlock Blaze – Collect 50 Relic items in Konquest Mode.
  2. Unlock Daegon – Collect 30 Relic items in Konquest Mode.
  3. Unlock Meat – Collect 10 Relic items in Konquest Mode.
  4. Unlock Taven – Complete Konquest Mode.

How do you unlock Sub Zero and Scorpion in Shaolin monks?

Unlock Sub-Zero After taking the boat ride across blood lake, his VS. icon is in back of the lion looking statue to your left (facing the big door), just run along the wall and when you get to the end double jump and its yours.

How do you unlock everything in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon?

Unlike Mortal Kombat X, which allows players to spend real-world money on unlockables, there are only three ways to unlock everything in Armageddon: spend in-game currency (koins) won from battles, find relics in Konquest mode, and enter cheat codes in the Krypt.

What is the cheat code for Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat Game Genie Codes

Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Always fight in the Courtyard DD6A-47AF
Always get Flawless Victory Bonus 6DB8-3D67
First strike wins round DDBC-370F
High pitched voices DD68-6DD0

Who can fly in Mortal Kombat?

A Pterodactyl of Outworld. The Pterodactyls, which are native winged creatures of Outworld, first appeared in Mortal Kombat II and later reappear in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks.