Can you camp anywhere in a national forest in Montana?

The USFS generally permits dispersed camping anywhere in a national forest where it is not explicitly prohibited, or in too close of proximity to other recreational amenities such as developed campgrounds, trailheads, and parking areas.

Where are you allowed to camp in Montana?

What Lands Are Available for Camping? Generally, any Montana State Trust Land that is accessible without having to cross through private property, is open for camping. This also includes land that is publicly accessible via navigable waterway, such as rivers and lakes.

Where can I disperse camp in Montana?

One popular area for dispersed camping in Montana is Custer National Forest. The USDA Forest Service allows dispersed camping in Custer National Forest for up to 16 days in one location.

Can you camp anywhere in Flathead National Forest?

Camping is allowed throughout the Flathead National Forest, including the wilderness areas.

Where can I camp in Montana for free?

Boondocking Sites in Montana

  • Bear Creek Campground.
  • Timber Camp Campground.
  • Battle Ridge Campground.
  • Richardson Campground.
  • Billy Garret Memorial Bridge Access.
  • Ashley Lake North Campground.
  • Upper Twin Creek Access.
  • Clover Meadows Dispersed Camping.

Can I Boondock in Montana?

Free dispersed camping (boondocking) is available at State and National Forests and lands administered by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Use the links to the public lands websites above for specific information about Montana RV camping and public lands access.

Is dispersed camping allowed in Flathead National Forest?

Dispersed camping is free, and permitted almost everywhere on the Flathead National Forest. Camping in undeveloped areas requires you to help keep the sites in good condition.

Is dispersed camping allowed in Glacier National Park?

While there is no dispersed camping inside Glacier National Park, there is plenty of it just outside of its western border inside Flathead National Forest. There are numerous forest roads where dispersed camping is allowed. You can find hundreds of previously-used campsites all of which are free.

Is Boondocking allowed in Montana?

Can I Boondock in Glacier National Park?