Can you buy old military ships?

The U.S. government is auctioning off the former USAV SSGT Robert T. Kuroda, an LSV (Logistic Support Vessel) Kuroda Class vessel fitted with all your beach landing and cargo transfer needs. So if you’ve ever wondered how to get your hands on a military boat, now is your chance!

How much does a military patrol boat cost?

The U.S. Navy has twelve MK VI Patrol Boats that were built from 2015-2017, costing $15 million each, and all are completed and are in service with the U.S. Navy. The MK VI uses two diesel engines to power waterjets instead of shafts and propellers and has a speed of 45 knots (52 mph; 83 km/h).

How many PBRs are left?

The PBR is the U.S. Navy designation for a small, rigid-hulled patrol boat that was used in the Vietnam War from March 1966 until the end of 1971. The boats were deployed in a force that grew to a peak of 250 vessels. Today, only 36 PBRs exist in the United States. About six of them are seaworthy.

What is the top speed of a PT boat?

Patrol torpedo boat PT-109

United States
Installed power 4,500 horsepower (3,400 kW)
Propulsion 3 × 12-cylinder Packard W-14 M2500 gasoline engines 3 × shafts
Speed 41 knots (76 km/h; 47 mph) maximum (trials)

Can I buy a battleship?

You can in fact buy surplus battleships on a fairly regular basis, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence advertises its wares online (last year you could treat yourself to an aircraft carrier), or if they’ve run out you could try your luck in the United States.

Can a civilian buy a navy ship?

CALL TODAY!” says actual listing for a US Navy ship. This is the Sea Slice, a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), and the coolest craft a civilian can buy. No one else in Monaco, or even Lake Havasu will have one. For a craft that cost $15 million in the late 90s, it’s a steal.

Can you buy naval ships?

How many patrol boats are in the US Navy?

25 patrol boats
The U.S. Navy has exactly 25 patrol boats that are small enough to sail in the shallowest stretches of the Persian Gulf where Iranian forces lurk. All of these vessels—13 Cyclone-class coastal-patrol boats and a dozen smaller Mk. VI patrol boats—are on their way out of the fleet.

What kind of boat is a PBR?

A truly rare boat. Patrol Boat, RiverineorPBR, is theUnited States Navydesignation for a small rigid-hulledpatrol boatused in theVietnam Warfrom March 1966 until the end of 1971.

How much does a PBR 722 Hull weigh?

Visit for more historical information about the boat. There is a good network of rebuilders in the US and most of the original drawings are available to fabricate items that cannot be purchased from Home Depot or West Marine. This hull weight is 7200 lbs while hanging in the travel lift.

Is the pbr-722 for sale as is?

One is being restored for our own use. PBR-722 is for sale As Is, Where-Is with no claims made as to its present condition. There are documents that show the chain of ownership up to me. For any questions or to make an appointment to see the boat, please reply through the classifieds board mail system.

How big is the PBR?

The PBR ‘s were specifically designed to operate in as little as 2 inches of Water on the Macon Delta. They were propelled by two diesel motors driving Jet Pumps and were very successful. It is 31 Ft. long and 10 1/2 Ft. Wide.