Can we keep Bhairav yantra at home?

Bhairav Dev is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. But their idol should never be kept in the worship house. This is because Bhairav Dev is considered to be the god of the system mode and their worship should not be done inside the house but rather outside.

Where should I keep Bhairav yantra?

The yantra should be placed in a sacred place it could be your home temple, at an auspicious place and time. Then light a lamp and incense. Close your eyes and meditate, worship to your deity to seek blessings and ask the god to make your desired wish to come true.

What is Bhairav yantra?

Shri Bhairav Yantra is an auspicious tool to appease Lord Bhairav and to get his blessings in life. Worship of this yantra removes the malefic effects of black magic, ghosts and evil spirits. This yantra works as a savior from the negative influences and enhances suspicious and positive energies in life.

Is Batuk Bhairav and Kaal Bhairav same?

Batuk Bhairav Nath ji is the 5th Rudra of Lord Shiva. Several years ago, when repair work was going on in Dhounthly Bazar, the labourers dumped the debris near a temple where the pindi of Lord Kaal Bhairav was. The same night, Kaal Bhairav appeared in the contractor’s dream and admonished him about the same.

Can we keep Trishul at home?

It enhances knowledge, prosperity, happiness, and avoids negative energy. Three-legged frogs are considered very auspicious and keep them in the front of the main door but facing inside the home. Put a symbol of Swastik at the main door, or you can also place an Om Trishul at the main entrance gate of the house.

What should we offer Bhairav?

Offer Gandha (perfume), Deep (lamp), Dhoop (incense), Pushpa (flowers) and Naivedhya (food) to Kaal Bhairav, followed by fruits, coconut, laung (clove), elaichi (cardamom), black sesame seeds, urad and mustard oil.

Why is Kaal Bhairav worship benefits?

Bhakts or devotees have full faith that worshipping Bhairava will bring them prosperity, success and good children, gain long life and remove financial problems. He is considered a destroyer of all things bad such as lust and greed as also fear. He protects weak women who seek his help.

Who was Bhairav Baba?

Bhairav or Bhairavnath (alternatively Bhairon or Bhaironnath) was a disciple of Gorakhnath, whose guru was the Matsyendranath. He was considered to have control over all tantrik siddhis and had grown arrogant of his power. He went after Vaishno Devi, considering her to be a little girl.