Can I transfer my Petro Points?

Yes, you can transfer the balance from one registered card to another. Please chat with us or contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-668-0220. You can claim missing points online through your Petro‑Points account with the following conditions: Purchases must be from within the last 60 days.

What is the best way to redeem Petro Points?

Redeeming is easy:

  1. Choose a card below.
  2. Sign into your Petro‑Points account.
  3. Select an eligible eGift card based on your points and then press the redeem button.
  4. Get your eGift card in your email.

How do I cash my Petro points for gas?

How to get a Fuel Savings Reward card.

  1. Visit a Petro‑Canada location.
  2. Redeem your points for a 5¢ or 10¢ gas savings card. How to use your card. At the pump, if you have a plastic Petro‑Points card, swipe that first. Then swipe your Fuel Savings Reward card. Or, show it before you pay in store. That’s it.

How many Petro points equal a dollar?

10 points
Earn points faster with our partners. Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend booking a vacation. Earn 2,000 points for joining and collect points for every survey you complete.

Can you convert Petro points to Aeroplan?

Petro points are pretty useless they can be redeemed for car wash,lottery tickets or some gift cards. The only possible airline exchange is Asia miles with a 1:10 exchange ratio. From Asia Miles maybe you can exchange to aeroplan on but you will end up with a big loss.

What are 50 Petro points worth?

Gas Gift Cards & Gas Rewards

Gas Reward Dollar Value of Discount Value of 10 Petro Points
$20 Gas Rewards $20.00 0.50¢
$25 Petro Canada Gift Card $25.00 0.63¢
$50 Petro Canada Gift Card $50.00 0.63¢
$100 Petro Canada Gift Card $100.00 0.63¢

Can you use Petro points to buy gift cards in store?

Get your Petro‑Canada eGift card directly to your email. Use in-store at any Petro‑Canada location….Petro‑Canada eGift cards.

Value Petro‑Points
$100 100,000
$250 250,000
$500 500,000

Do Petro points expire?

Petro Points never expire. You can also earn Petro Points with partners like RBC and Points are easy to redeem in store or online. You can redeem points for savings on gas, car washes, gift cards, and more!

Can you use Petro points for gift cards?

You can redeem Petro‑Points for eGift cards online. Every 1,000 points can be redeemed for $1 off your gift card purchase.

Do Petro Canada points expire?

Choices include taking dollars off any purchase, redeeming for fuel savings cards and redeeming for gift cards at partner retailers. The program has 4.5 million active members, the company said, and is available across Canada. Current Petro-Points balances will not change, and Petro-Points never expire.

Do Petro-Canada gift cards expire?

Petro-Canada gift cards have no expiration date and no fees.

What company owns Petro-Canada?

Suncor EnergyPetro-Canada / Parent organization