Can I talk to a doctor online free?

Online Doctor Consultation. Connect with a board-certified physician 24 hours a day with Your Doctors Online. Our free app allows you to chat in real-time and send photos or videos with a professional and experienced doctor.

Is there a doctor I can talk to online?

Yes, you can chat with a doctor online. Our network of board-certified clinicians are available via chat. They can diagnose, prescribe medication for treatment, issue prescription refills, and more.

What can a doctor do over the phone?

There are several options for telehealth care: Talk to your doctor live over the phone or video chat. Send and receive messages from your doctor using secure messaging, email, secure messaging, and secure file exchange. Use remote monitoring so your doctor can check on you at home.

Can a doctor diagnose you over the phone?

It’s easy to think that a doctor can’t really examine you over the phone or computer. But with high-definition cameras and at-home exam kits that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and send vital signs to your doctor, that is changing rapidly.

What is a virtual call from a doctor?

Telehealth, or virtual visits is helping make access to health care more convenient. People can see and talk to a doctor through their smartphone, tablet or computer, meaning they don’t have to go to a doctor’s office or sit in a waiting room. Instead, they can visit with a doctor from the comfort of their own home.

Can a hospital give you info over the phone?

Yes. The Privacy Rule allows covered health care providers to share protected health information for treatment purposes without patient authorization, as long as they use reasonable safeguards when doing so. These treatment communications may occur orally or in writing, by phone, fax, e-mail, or otherwise.

Can a doctor diagnose a patient without seeing them?

The first was to diagnose and prescribe on the phone, without seeing or examining the patient. This is a dangerous proposition, but physicians occasionally do this when the patient is suffering a common or recurrent problem, or there is no other option.

Can you call 111 instead of GP?

NHS 111 is much more than a helpline – if you’re worried about an urgent medical concern, you can call 111 to speak to a fully trained adviser. Depending on the situation, the NHS 111 team can connect you to a nurse, emergency dentist or even a GP, and can arrange face-to-face appointments if they think you need one.

When is it appropriate to give medical advice by telephone?

We strongly recommend informing patients in writing about the types of circumstances in which advice may be provided by telephone. Examples include some low-level gastrointestinal complaints and minor headaches, cuts, and bruises.

Where can I get Good Doctor advice online?

You can count on the online doctor advice every day, from the expert doctors at the Doctors Health Press.

How do I use ask a doctor?

Users will simply click on the Ask A Doctor link on partner’s site or access the service using the mobile app, ask their questions, and are notified by email when a response has been provided. Users ONLY see doctors in their private network.

What is the ask a doctor mobile app?

This value-added service includes a branded iOS and Android mobile app that allows users to ask questions and get answers from our global network of 18,000 physicians and specialists anywhere, anytime. Why become an Ask A Doctor global network partner?