Can I replace my mercury vapor bulb with LED?

LED corn cob lights are one of the most efficient ways to replace metal halide, mercury vapor, and high-pressure sodium HID bulbs.

Do they still make mercury vapor lights?

Although the bulbs are still widely available, the United States banned the sale of mercury vapor ballasts in 2008. According to the ban, existing fixtures can remain in service but, as they burn out, they must be replaced with newer, more efficient lighting alternatives.

What are the drawbacks to mercury vapor lamps?

Disadvantages. Except for incandescents, they are the most inefficient source of light, with an efficacy in the 25 to 55 lumens per watt range. Mercury lamps may be greatly affected by lamp lumen depreciation and should be replaced after 24,000 hours. Poor lumen maintenance compared to other HID sources.

Are mercury vapor bulbs good?

The best manufacturer of compact and coil fluorescent UVB bulbs in the US is Zoo Med. Mercury vapor and metal halide bulbs are unique because they produce heat, visible light, UVA, and UVB all in one bulb. This also makes them very appealing to most reptile keepers at first glance.

Can I use a metal halide bulb in a mercury vapor fixture?

Through research I have found that mercury vapor bulbs can be used in metal halide fixtures but a metal halide bulb cannot be used in a mercury vapor fixture.

What color is mercury vapor light?

Sodium vapor and mercury vapor lamps emit yellow and bright blue light, respectively. They are very efficient, and provide high-intensity light suitable for illuminating large, open areas.

Can you replace a mercury vapor bulb with a metal halide bulb?

Due to their low lighting efficiency, mercury vapor lamps should be replaced wherever possible. In areas where identifying colors is important, they should be replaced with metal halide fixtures; if color is not important, they should be replaced with high-pressure sodium fixtures.

How long do mercury vapor bulbs last?

3-6 month
Most mercury vapor self-ballasted bulbs have a 3-6 month life span with few exceptions. This is just the way it is. The internal ballast the fires the arc tube is a filament and like all filamented bulbs they fail.

Do mercury vapor bulbs get hot?

These bulbs do get very hot and can overheat a small enclosure. You can’t use a rheostat or lamp dimmer with these bulbs.

What’s the difference between mercury vapor and metal halide?

The metal halide lamp is very similar in construction to the mercury vapor lamp. The major difference is that the metal halide lamp contains various metal halide additives in addition to mercury vapor.

Are multi vapor and metal halide bulbs interchangeable?

What is the Difference Between Metal Halide and Multi Vapor? There is no difference between metal halide and multi vapor lamps because both names describe the same form of lamp.

How much electricity does a mercury vapor light use?

Compared with newer HID lighting, mercury vapor isn’t very energy efficient. The “efficacy”—or amount of light produced per unit of electricity consumed—is 20-60 lumens per watt. This is better than incandescent lamps (about 15-20 lumens per watt), but significantly lower than other HID lighting.