Can I get CCTV footage from a bus?

CCTV on London’s buses Any CCTV on London buses is the responsibility of the company that runs that particular service or route. If you require access to images of yourself recorded by a CCTV camera inside a bus you should contact the company which operates that particular bus route.

How long is CCTV footage kept on buses?

Your responses to Questions 2017/2019 and 2018/2365 indicate that TfL only requires its Contractors to retain CCTV evidence recorded on buses for about 10 days.

Do London buses have CCTV?

Answer for CCTV cameras on London Buses (1) There are currently around 1,200 cameras at bus stations and stands. The choice of locations is based on operational requirements, such as the scale of passenger and vehicle movements in the area, security requirements and their past issues.

Do London buses have GPS?

The essential part of the system relies on GPS satellite data that roughly determine the location of a bus down to 100 metres. Data collected from GPS is passed into a Kalman filter, and other data including velocity and temperature is calculated on the bus and transmitted every 30 seconds via GPRS.

Do buses have external cameras?

cameras are permanently on when the bus is in service. responsibility of the individual operators.

Can you ask to see CCTV footage?

Generally, you would need to request the owner of the CCTV system for footage. If there are shops or stores around with CCTV cameras, you will have to request the shop owner or manager for footage. If street cameras captured the footage, you will have to make a request to your local council for footage.

WHAT CAN bus cameras see?

Camera systems monitor student and driver behaviour during routes, and record the external environment. School bus cameras can capture bullying between students as well as accusations against the driver. With video footage, you no longer have to resolve conflicting stories about interactions on the bus.

What is iBus data?

iBus. The iBus system tracks the movement and performance of buses on all of our contracted routes in London. We publish weekly reports which show the actual arrival time of buses on a route at any given bus stop for the selected day. The routes were selected as the first of the New Routemaster (New Bus for London).

Is there a TfL app?

Our travel app TfL Go is built around our iconic Tube map. Add it to your iOS and Android devices to plan your journey around London.

Where is CCTV in buses?

There are typically 5 cameras on the outside of the vehicle, 1 forward facing, 2 rear cameras and one on each side of the vehicle for passing vehicles/pedestrians.

Who can view CCTV images?

Who can view CCTV footage? All footage should be secured by a nominated data controller. They need to ensure that nobody else views the video data, without good reason to do so. Anybody who has been caught on camera has the right to see the footage, in which they are identifiable.

How long can CCTV footage be kept for UK?

Most CCTV footage is deleted 30 days after it’s recorded. The CCTV owner might not be allowed to share any footage if: other people can be seen in it.