Can a Puli be white?

The Puli is a solid-colored dog that is usually black. Other less common coat colors are white, gray, or cream (off-white or fakó in Hungarian). A variety of the cream-coated dogs have black masks. The white Pulis are not albino, nor do they have blue eyes.

Are Pulis good family dogs?

As a herding dog, the puli tends to circle and be quite active. Pulik will often try to “herd” their people by nipping at their owners’ heels. If properly trained and exercised daily, the puli makes an excellent family companion.

How much does a Puli puppy cost?

How Much Do Puli Puppies Cost? The Puli Generally cost between $600 and $800 from a credible breeder.

Is Puli rare?

An ancient breed used by Hungarian sheep farmers for over 1000 years, the Puli or Pulik (plural) are a very rare breed. In fact there are only about 150 Puli registered each year in comparison to about 60,000 golden retriever pups. Pulik come in solid black, rusted black, grey and some white.

Can you keep Puli hair short?

Puli dog appearance Now that many of these dogs are considered a pet as well as a working dog, owners sometimes opt for a short haircut. This helps to reduce coat maintenance as well as preventing overheating in warmer climates.

Do Puli dogs smell?

A Hungarian Puli may look like a mop, but that doesn’t mean it smells like one. As long as they’re groomed and bathed regularly, these dogs have no offensive odor. Pulik will usually only have an undesirable smell if they have mildew in their cords or if they’ve been rolling around in something stinky outdoors.

Are Puli dogs aggressive?

The Puli temperament makes him a challenge that you will need to overcome if you want to own this breed. He can be mischievous, disobedient, and even aggressive, which is why it is crucial that you establish dominance from the get-go.

Is Puli hypoallergenic?

YesPuli dog / Hypoallergenic

Yes! The Puli is a medium-sized hypoallergenic dog breed that hardly sheds or drools.

Should you shave a Puli?

Some owners prefer to shave the coat to help their Puli stay cool and clean, even though many Puli enthusiasts consider the coat a defining characteristic of their favorite breed.

Do you brush Puli?

A Puli’s coat should need very little special attention until it is three to four months old, until then it is necessary to keep it clean and free of debris. Some Puli owners brush the coat with a bristle brush to stimulate the skin. This can also be done by stroking the puppy and is a lot more fun.

How big do Puli get?

Female: 14–17 inches36–42 cm
Male: 15–18 inches39–45 cm
Puli dog/Height