Are there any books about Unit 731?

The whole terrible saga has been retold in a new book, Unit 731: Laboratory of the Devil, Auschwitz of the East by Yan-Jun Yang and Yue-Him Tam. Their aim was to raise the profile of the injustice in the West so that nations will remember “to do unto others as they would have others do unto them.”

Where can I watch Unit 731?

Japan’s secret Unit 731 where biological warfare was conceived | RT Documentary, a documentary movie is available to stream now. Watch it on Daily Documentary on your Roku device.

What did Shiro Ishii do?

Both the United States and Great Britain tested biological weapons during World War II, but for ethical reasons such tests were limited to animal subjects. Japanese medical officer Shiro Ishii had no such scruples, and he unleashed some of nature’s deadliest pathogens on helpless humans, with horrifying results.

What is Japan infamous for?

Japan is famous for natural sights like cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, cutting-edge technology like Japanese cars and bullet trains, wacky inventions like karaoke and vending machines, cultural values like politeness and punctuality, popular anime and manga, and mouth-watering food like ramen and sushi.

What did Unit 731 do?

The Unit 731 experiments involved infecting prisoners, primarily Chinese prisoners of war and civilians, deliberately with infectious agents, and exposing prisoners to bombs designed to penetrate the skin with infectious particles.

Why did Shiro Ishii get immunity?

Shiro Ishii ran Unit 731 and performed cruel experiments on prisoners until he was apprehended by the U.S. government — and granted full immunity.

Who pardoned Shiro Ishii?

Army Douglas MacArthur
The pardon of Japanese war criminals, among whom were Unit 731’s commanding officers General Shiro Ishii and General Masaji Kitano, was overseen by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur in September 1945.