Are remoulded tyres safe?

Remould tyres are made to high quality standards and are heavily tested and regulated by the ECE to ensure they are safe to drive. Retread tyres are never made from unsafe or unsound tyres, only those with worn treads.

Are retreads illegal?

Myth #2: Retreads are illegal: Due to a lack of clarification of laws and backyard mechanic chatter, there is a lot of people who think that retreaded tires are illegal in some states. In reality, there are no states that ban the use of retreaded tires on vehicles of any type.

Are retread tires as good as new tires?

Contrary to commonly held beliefs, studies have shown that retread tires offer reliability comparable to new tires. This is confirmed by several studies conducted over the last two decades, which all come to the same conclusion as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): “…

What is a remoulded tyre?

Remoulding is the process by which the carcass of a used tyre is recycled. The remaining tyre tread on the used tyre is stripped away and new rubber is moulded to the carcass in order to replace the sidewalls and tread with a new, roadworthy finish.

What does remold mean on tires?

Remould tyres, also known simply as retread tyres, regrooved tyres, retreads or remoulds, are used tyres which get remanufactured in such a way that their worn tread is replaced with a new tread without changing their structure.

How long can a retread TYRE last?

The Lifetime Value of a Retread Tire Specific industries that use retread tires include: military, aerospace, education and transportation. A new tire will last between three and four years, when driven 12,000 to 15,000 miles annually.

How much does it cost to retread a tire?

How Much Does it Cost to Retread Tires? As of 2018, the average cost of retreading a tire is around $165, not including the casing. With new semi truck tires costing about $500, you can retread your fleet’s old tires for roughly a third of the cost of buying new!

Are retreads safe?

The U.S. federal government has determined that retread tires are no more dangerous than any other tire.

Can you buy remold tyres?

Remoulds are still legal in the UK, as long as they comply with strict regulations, and if manufactured with care they needn’t be significantly less safe than new tyres.