Are MEM and Eaton the same?

The MEM logo has been replaced by the Eaton logo and the MEM name now appears as MEMĀ® series on product rating and carton labels and associated marketing materials. The MEM name and logo remain registered trademarks of Eaton Corporation.

What are the three types of MCB?

However, the three key versions are type B, type C, and type D. Each is designed to be responsive to the likely strength of electrical surges in different settings.

What is 1pp MCB?

on the miniature circuit breaker? In fact, P stands for pole, which can be easily understood as the number of phases of the power supply line. The more the number of poles, the larger the space occupied. Under normal circumstances, the width of 1P circuit breaker is 18mm, then 2P is 2*18=36mm.

What is C and B in MCB?

B Curve means the MCB trips between 3-5 times full load current. It is mainly used in residential applications where loads are resistive e.g. lighting fixtures, domestic appliances with low surge Levels. C Curve means the MCB trips between 5-10 times full load current.

Who makes MEM breakers?

Additional information

Manufacturer Eaton
Part Code MBH332
Amperage Rating 32 Amp
Voltage Rating 240/415V
Breaking Capacity 10kA

Which MCB is best for AC?

The MCB should be selected of 16 Amps type C MCB, this rating for the MCB is selected because the AC takes 1.5 times greater current at the time of starting as compared to the full load current.

Which MCB is best?

10 Best MCB Brands in India

  • Havell’s MCB (Best MCB for Home)
  • Legrand MCB (Best Quality MCB in India)
  • Anchor MCB ( Best Manufactures in India)
  • L MCB (Best MCB Brands)
  • Schneider MCB (MCB Connection for Home)
  • Orient Electric (MCB Electrical Company)
  • Polycab MCB (Best MCB in India)
  • Siemens MCB (Best MCB in India)

What is TPN MCB?

TPN (3P+N) MCB: In TPN MCB, Neutral is part of the MCB as a separate pole but without any protective given in the neutral pole (i.e.) neutral is only switched but has no protective element incorporated. TPN for Y (or star) the connection between ground and neutral is in many countries not allowed.

What is 3P and 4P?

3P is three open, for control of three phase electricity, three incoming line end and three fire lines, generally three – phase electric bus switch and three-phase electrical equipment application. 4p is the addition of a terminal on the basis of the three opening, which is the N representation of the zero terminal.

What is B20 in MCB?

This is the Wylex B20 MCB Type B 20A Single Pole 240V AC, a plug-in miniature circuit breaker with yellow back ideal for general domestic use in the Wylex Consumer Units. In principle, this Wylex plug-in MCB detects overcurrents due to both overload and fault currents.

What is B10 in MCB?

Catalog Description: S802N-B10 High Performance MCB. Long Description: The S802N-B10 is a 2-pole High Performance Circuit breaker with B-characteristic, with cage terminal and a rated current of 10 A. It is a current limiting device with a maximum breaking capacity of 36kA at 240/415V.

What happened to MEM electrical?

Delta Metal acquires MEM in 1971 to enter the electrical sector and Delta’s Electrical Division then consolidates several divisions of MEM (250V, 500V), as well as Bill Switchgear, under the “MEM” brand in 1998.