Are KianAndJc in a relationship?

For all those who ship an actual Kian and Jc romance, we’re sorry to disappoint but the influencers are not a couple. In fact, they’re both in relationships.

What’s KianAndJc net worth?

He posted weekly videos with Our 2nd Life and a video he made with Cameron Dallas had more than two million views. Kian was formerly in a relationship with YouTube personality Andrea Russett. Lawley also has a YouTube channel called KianAndJc with Jc Caylen….Kian Lawley Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Vlogger

What group was KianAndJc in?

YouTube career In 2012, Lawley started a collaborative channel Our2ndLife (commonly known as O2L) along with JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Trevi Moran, Connor Franta, and Sam Pottorff. The channel grew to over 2.8 million subscribers and in 2014 the group headlined a 19-city tour but they later separated in December 2014.

Is Kim dating David Alvarez?

Their exact relationship timeline is unknown. There’s a chance that they broke up in 2016, but it seems that they reunited on at least one occasion in 2019. The last photo Kim posted of David on Instagram dates back to Jan. 31, 2019.

Did JC and his GF break up?

Conversation. can’t believe I have to actually tweet this but YES, Chelsey & I broke up. it’s been like this for a bit now. we blocked each other on social media bcuz we don’t want to know what the other is up to in an attempt to make this easier….

What happened between Kian Lawley and Andrea Russett?

On a separate occasion, Kian came under scrutiny for convincing a person he met on Tinder to drive five hours to spend time with him. In response to the news, Andrea posted a video on Snapchat with the words “Bye Felicia!” and a “You’re DEAD to Me” scribbled over it, Superfame reveals.