Are Ithaca barrels interchangeable?

However, Ithaca in New York used manufacturing methods that created differences between their firearms that made their barrels less than truly interchangeable. So, while some of our barrels may fit post-1963 guns off the shelf, others will require at least minor modifications to fit correctly.

Can I shoot steel shot in my Ithaca Model 37?

It is your barrel and your risk so take it serious. There are barrels without a cut tapered choke. On this type of choke I would not shoot steel shot. Generally these type of choked barrels where on junk shotguns.

Where is the serial number on an Ithaca Model 37?

A: On the Model 37®, the serial number is located on the bottom right side of the receiver or on earlier models the chamber end of the receiver between the magazine and barrel.

Where is the serial number on my Ithaca Model 37?

Are Ithaca shotguns any good?

The Ithaca Model 37 is no exception; it oozes beauty. The walnut stock is rich with tightly laid grain patterns. The pump-style forend is deeply grooved and often affectionately dubbed a “corn cob” by hunters. Adding to the aesthetic charm, detail was given to the receiver with an engraved hunting scene on each side.

Can you shoot steel shot through a fixed modified barrel?

When using steel shot, you should only use stainless steel choke tubes with modified or more open chokes. You should not use steel shot with Extra Full, Full, or Improved Modified Chokes of any kind. If it is a fixed choke barrel, we do not recommend using steel shot, as it may damage your barrel(s).

Where is the serial number on a Lefever Nitro Special?

water table
Anything over 100,000 is a Nitro Special made by Ithaca and is a completely different gun. The best place to find the serial number will be on the water table. Next to the serial number, or somewhere on the water table, will be a letter indicating the grade of the gun.

Was the Ithaca 37 used in ww2?

The Ithaca 37 is a shotgun that was used by the United States during World War II.

Will Any Model 37 barrel fit my Ithaca Model 37?

Ithaca Model 37 Old Style Vs. New Style Barrel | Numrich Gun Parts Ithaca Model 37 Old Style Vs. New Style Barrel I would like to replace the barrel on my Ithaca Model 37, will any Model 37 barrel fit my shotgun? No, because there is a difference between old style and new style barrels for the Ithaca Model 37.

What is the serial number on a Ithaca Deerslayer shotgun?

The old style shotguns end with serial number 855,000 and any number higher than that is the new style. This applies to all variations, including Ithaca Deerslayer models. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation is America’s leading supplier of hard-to-find, obsolete, and rare gun parts and accessories.

Do Model 37s have interchangeable barrels?

Model 37s ® with a serial number above 855,000 have interchangeable barrels (except for some Deerslayers ), but often still require some custom fitting by our gunsmiths. The thread pattern that we utilize on our interchangeable barrel field guns is the same pattern that was used by Ithaca in New York after 1963.

What size is a M37 barrel?

•20 gauge M37 vent rib barrel in 26″ and 28″ lengths. •20 gauge M37 field barrel with brass bead sight in 26″ and 28″ lengths.