Are Drew Scott and Linda Phan still together?

Scott and Phan have been married for three years. They wed in an outdoor ceremony in Italy in May 2018.

Who is Drew Scott in a relationship with?

‘Property Brothers’ star Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, captured fans’ hearts years ago. When Property Brothers first aired in 2011, Scott and Phan were basically an unknown couple. But when the two started dating — reportedly just before the show began filming — they kept the relationship under wraps.

Which property brother is divorced?

Jonathan Scott Learned A Lot From His Divorce Scott kept his divorce quiet, which is why some fans are surprised to hear that he was once married. It’s also why Scott was portrayed as a very eligible bachelor in the media and during the first few seasons of Property Brothers.

Is Jonathan Scott married to Zooey?

Jonathan and Zooey, who have been dating since 2019, are currently creating their forever home together. In the Winter issue of 2022 Drew + Jonathan Reveal, they shared that they bought a home together back in 2020 and have been updating it ever since.

Is Jonathan Scott still with Zooey?

Is Drew Scott having a baby?

The couple, who have been candid about their fertility challenges, are expecting a baby in May 2022.

Is Jonathan Scott still married?

They announced their separation in September 2019 (the same month that Zooey and Jonathan were first spotted hanging out). Meanwhile, Jonathan was previously married to a woman named Kelsy Ully from 2007–2013. He opened up about his tragic divorce in his memoir with brother Drew, dubbed It Takes Two: Our Story.

Is Drew Scott still married to Linda Phan?

PROPERTY Brothers star Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan were married in 2018. On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, the couple announced they are expecting their first child together. Who is Linda Phan? Born on April 22, 1985, Linda Phan is the wife of Property Brother, Drew Scott.

Are Drew Scott and Linda Phan still married?

Linda Phan and Drew Scott are introducing their baby on the Drew and Phan have been married for nearly four years and have been together for almost a dozen. The couple was given the good

Are Drew and Linda Scott still married?

Similarly, you may ask, are Linda and Drew still together? Drew Scott’s wife is Linda Phan. Linda is the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment. The couple met in 2010, got engaged in 2016, and married in 2018. Their May 2018 wedding aired in a TLC special on June 2. what does Drew Scott’s wife do? Philanthropist TV Personality

Did Drew Scott have a baby?

Drew Scott announced on Instagram Tuesday that he and his wife, Linda Phan, are expecting their first child together after years of fertility struggles. “guess we’re doing weekly bathroom selfies…