Are Borla exhaust universal?

They are NOT universal mufflers. All of our BORLA® ProXS™ Mufflers utilize a straight-through design; we do not use chambers or baffles that slow down the flow of exhaust.

Are Borla mufflers interchangeable?

No matter what you land on, rest assured knowing your Borla Exhaust System will be custom-made to fit your exact make and model.

Do Borla mufflers add horsepower?

Borla exhaust systems are designed to have the optimal diameters and low restriction flow that promote scavenging. The Borla R&D team performs dynamometer testing on new parts to ensure power gains. We frequently see gains in the 8 to 12 horsepower range, sometimes much higher.

Are Borla mufflers loud?

The sound was a little loud but had a lot of drone between 1500rpms and 2000rpms. I ended up replacing with Magnaflow 12259. The exhaust is a quieter (not much over oem) but still has a good tone and very minimal drone.

What is the loudest Borla muffler?

Borla exhausts are available in three noise levels if you like: ATAK – the loudest muffler on offer and it’s glorious (see video) S Type – the middle ground. Touring – sings, but only when you’re pushing.

Who makes the best exhaust?

10 Best Exhaust Systems

  • Flowmaster Exhaust Systems.
  • Magnaflow Exhaust Systems.
  • Borla Exhaust Systems.
  • Corsa Performance Exhaust.
  • Gibson Exhaust Systems.
  • MBRP Exhaust Systems.
  • Banks Power Exhaust System.
  • aFe Power Exhaust Systems.

Does Borla exhaust get louder over time?

It will sound deeper but never much louder. Visit SSOOCH’s homepage! How many miles do you have on the system? Usually it takes about a thousand miles for it to be seasoned.

Whats better Borla or Flowmaster?

If you are looking for power and that awesome rumbling sound, Borla is a great choice. On the other hand, if you are seeking a cheaper yet high performance and durable exhaust system with an excellent design and powerful burst of sound, Flowmaster is a great choice.

What sounds better Borla or Flowmaster?

Does Borla exhaust break in period?

Registered. All the Borla mufflers have stainless packing, so there should be no “break in” per say.