Why is my pulse weaker on the left side?

In patients complaining of chest pain, pulses should be assessed in at least two extremities, e.g., both radial arteries. A strong pulse on the right side with a weak one on the left may suggest an aortic dissection or a stenosis of the left subclavian artery.

What is considered a weak pulse?

If you have bradycardia, your heart beats fewer than 60 times a minute. Bradycardia can be a serious problem if the heart rate is very slow and the heart can’t pump enough oxygen-rich blood to the body. If this happens, you may feel dizzy, very tired or weak, and short of breath.

Why is my pulse so hard to find?

An irregular pulse can also indicate a problem. A pulse that is hard to locate may mean blockages in the artery. These blockages are common in people with diabetes or hardening of the artery from high cholesterol. Your provider may order a test known as a Doppler study to check the blockages.

What does it mean when a pulse is weak and thready?

A 1+ force (weak and thready) may reflect a decreased stroke volume and can be associated with conditions such as heart failure, heat exhaustion, or hemorrhagic shock, among other conditions.

What does Unequal radial pulses mean?

A difference in blood pressure between arms or between the arms and legs. Examination of the vascular system is imperative. Unequal pulses can be indicative of an underlying disease.

Why can’t I feel my pulse in my wrist?

If you can’t feel a pulse on your wrist, try checking under your jaw. Be careful as this makes some people lightheaded. If your pulse feels irregular, try checking for 60 seconds instead. The beat should be steady and regular.

Is a weak pulse OK?

A weak or absent pulse is considered a medical emergency. Usually, this symptom indicates a serious problem in the body. A person with a weak or absent pulse will often have difficulty moving or speaking. If someone has this condition, call 911 immediately.

Why can’t I feel a pulse in my wrist?

How strong should your pulse feel?

Your pulse usually has a strong steady or regular rhythm. Your blood vessel should feel soft. An occasional pause or extra beat is normal. Normally, your heart rate will speed up a little when you breathe deeply.

Can anxiety cause a weak pulse?

What many may not realize is that anxiety can cause the heartbeat to slow down as well. It’s not that common, but it is possible, and in some cases the issue may not be a slow heartbeat at all but your own mind telling you that your heart rate is abnormal even when this isn’t necessarily the case.