Why is my Olympus foot pedal not working?

As simple as it may seem, the home-fix is switching the USB port that your foot pedal is connected to. What this does, is rules out a fault with the USB port itself. Secondly, it’ll distinguish which kind of problem you’re experiencing. This could be either a PC or a hardware issue.

How do I use the Olympus foot pedal with Windows Media Player?

Here is an example, Windows Media Player, the hot key or keyboard short cut to play at normal speed is Ctrl + Shift N : the keyboard shortcut can be applied to any pedal on the RS-28H or RS-31H, letting you now use a footpedal for playback.

What is FTSW tool?

The Foot Switch Configuration Tool is the software that allows you to assign keyboard commands to a RS27H/RS28H/RS31H footswitch. By assigning a command such as “Enter” to a pedal, you can control various applications.

How do you use the Olympus foot switch?

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Open the Foot Switch Configuration Tool and set it to the default template.
  2. Choose “Keyboard Mode” and click [Apply to Foot Switch].
  3. Use the foot switch in a 3rd party application.
  4. Open the Foot Switch Configuration Tool and change it to “Olympus Mode.” Click [Apply to Foot Switch] and then [Close].

Why is my Infinity foot pedal not working?

It is an indication of corrupted loaded drivers. By default, Device Manager only displays drivers of connected devices, sometimes windows can get “confused” with the old drivers in the system. This can be resolved by clearing up the old drivers and installing the generic drivers.

How do I get my foot pedal to work on Windows Media Player?

How to Make a Foot Pedal Work With Windows Media Player

  1. Connect the foot pedal to your personal computer.
  2. Install the foot pedal’s Windows Media Player plug-in if the device does not advertise inherent capability with the application.
  3. Open your foot pedal’s control application.

How do I set up foot pedals in Windows 10?

Follow this procedure to activate the Foot Pedal:

  1. Double-click MY COMPUTER.
  2. Double-click CONTROL PANEL.
  3. Double-click the JOYSTICK icon.
  4. Select JOYSTICK 1.
  5. Choose 2-axis, 4 button joystick from Joystick Selection.
  6. Click TEST (should be: left pedal #1, right pedal #2, center pedal #3)
  7. Click OK from the Joystick 1 test window.

How do I get my Infinity foot pedal to work?

FPVECUSB – Setup Instructions

  1. Download and install Express Scribe.
  2. Plug in the foot pedal to an available USB port on your computer.
  3. Click on ‘Options’ in the Express Scribe toolbar in the main window, then select the ‘Controller’ tab.
  4. Tick the option ‘Enable hand-held or foot pedal controller’.

How do I connect my foot pedal to my computer?

Plug the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 foot pedal directly into an open USB port on your PC. The foot pedal will be recognized automatically as long as your PC has full USB support. Installing the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 on Windows 98: The Add New Hardware window will prompt you to install the drivers for the new device.

How do I program my USB foot pedal?

Professional Foot Pedal by VPE (USB)

  1. Plug in the foot pedal to an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Go to Start -> Control Panel and select ‘Game Controllers’.
  3. Click OK and from the Controllers tab select Properties and choose the Test tab.
  4. Press Play on the foot pedal, the display will light Buttons 1 & 2.