Why is my GPS not working on my Samsung?

This can be done by going to “Settings” and clicking on “Location & Security.” The options “Use Wireless Networks and “Use GPS Satellites” should both be checked. If this troubleshooting step still won’t work, reboot the phone, do a “battery pull,” and reinstall the app.

How do I turn on GPS on Galaxy S4?

Turn GPS on or off – Samsung Galaxy S4 Press the settings icon. Press the More tab. Press Location services. Press Access to my location to turn the function on or off.

What to do if GPS is not working?

11 methods to fix Android GPS not working

  1. Turn off and on GPS again.
  2. Turn on and turn off Airplane mode.
  3. Update the phone.
  4. Disable Power Saver.
  5. Enable Google Location Accuracy.
  6. Enter Safe Mode and check whether the GPS works fine.
  7. Get the latest Google Maps.
  8. Clear cache from the map app.

How do I calibrate my Samsung GPS?

Calibrate Android GPS

  1. Return to the Google Maps app.
  2. Hold the device right-side up, then move it in a figure-8 motion a few times.
  3. The calibration is complete when the beam becomes narrower and points in an accurate direction.

How do you turn off GPS on Samsung Galaxy s4?

Tap the settings icon. Tap the More tab. Tap Location services. Tap Access to my location to turn the function on or off.

How do I fix my GPS on my Android?

How to Fix GPS Not Working Issue

  1. Check the GPS Status.
  2. Switch the GPS Off and On.
  3. Restart Your Smartphone.
  4. Deactivate the Airplane Mode.
  5. Charge the Device’s Battery.
  6. Clear the Cache of the Maps App.
  7. Improve the Accuracy of the Location Services.
  8. Easiest Way to Fix GPS Not Working Issue.

Why is my Android GPS not working?

Navigate to Settings > Location > and make sure Location is ON. Navigate to Settings > Loction > Sources Mode and tap High Accuracy. NOTE: GPS accuracy varies depending on the number of visible GPS satellites. Locating all visible satellites can take several minutes, with accuracy gradually increasing over time.