Why is Lord Hater evil?

Lord Hater is a power-hungry, short-tempered, evil and cruel dictator. He hates being told what to do by those he declares lower than him, including his own henchman, and Peepers. What he desires most is absolute rule of the entire galaxy, with no one to stand in his way.

Does Lord Dominator like Lord Hater?

Hater did not know of Dominator’s true identity until he successfully knocked off her helmet, and, in spite of the battle ending in his defeat, he then fell madly in love with her. This was a one-sided infatuation, as Dominator does not feel the same way and was even shown to be repulsed by his affections later on.

Who is the villain in wander over yonder?

Lord Dominator
Lord Dominator is the main antagonist of 2013 Disney television series Wander Over Yonder, specifically Season 2 after replacing Lord Hater. She is an evil galactic conqueror who was formerly the most notorious villain in the galaxy at the top of the Galactic Villain Leaderboard.

How old is wander from wander over yonder?

His presence during the last planetary alignment as seen in “The Waste of Time” makes him at least 1000 years old.

How tall is Sylvia wander over yonder?

10-foot tall
Sylvia is a Zbornak, Wander’s loyal although bullish steed, his best friend and the deuteragonist of Wander Over Yonder, who explores and travels the universe with him….

Height: 10-foot tall flarf narbler (“The Rider”)
Residence: Zbornak Planet (formerly)

Will there be Wander Over Yonder Season 3?

Disney Xd has cancelled its animated Wander Over Yonder TV series after the second season. Creator Craig McCracken broke the news that there would be no third season, on Tumblr.

How tall is Sylvia Wander Over Yonder?

Will there be Wander Over Yonder season 3?

Was Lord Hater a monkey?

Its obvious its for scientific purposes which leads me to my next point, hater was part of a squad of smart monkeys.

Who voices Lord Dominator?

Noël Wells
Lord Dominator (voiced by Fred Tatasciore in masked form, Noël Wells in unmasked form) – Lord Dominator is a villain with lava-based abilities who is Lord Hater’s rival as the “Greatest in the Galaxy” in the second season.

What species is commander peepers?


Commander Peepers
Species: Watchdog
Gender: Male
Occupation: Watchdogs leader Right-hand man of Lord Hater
Residence: Skullship

How did Wander and Sylvia meet?

Early life. In “The Waste of Time” it is revealed that Sylvia used to be a bounty hunter, and she met Wander when she took him from Killbot 85. She was revealed to have been a racer at some point in the past in “The Time Bomb”, although her temper always prevented her from winning.