Why is Butcher Jones beach closed?

The Tonto National Forest is among the areas closed to visitors because of extreme fire danger. Update: Butcher Jones Recreation site, which offers the public access to Lake Saguaro off of Bush Highway in the form of a beach area, picnic facilities and hiking trails is temporarily closed.

Do you need a pass for Butcher Jones Trail?

A Tonto Daily Pass or Tonto Discovery Pass are required.

How long is the Butcher Jones hike?

Enjoy this 5.8-mile out-and-back trail near Apache Junction, Arizona. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 24 min to complete. This is a very popular area for fishing, hiking, and walking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Is Saguaro Lake open during Covid?

Area Status: Open Saguaro Lake is set in the Sonoran Desert and is rimmed with canyon walls.

Why is Tonto National Forest closed?

The Tonto Basin Ranger District has extended a public safety closure order at Davis Wash. The purpose of this order is to protect National Forest visitor health and safety, as the Restricted Area is highly susceptible to flash flooding due to elevated run off from the Woodbury Fire burned area.

Can you swim in Saguaro 2021?

Can you swim in Saguaro Lake? Swimming is allowed at Saguaro Lake. Additionally, you can enjoy the refreshing water at the many beaches by boating, kayaking, jet-skiing, and more. One of the more popular beaches is Butcher Jones Beach.

Where is Butcher Jones recreation site?

Nestled along Saguaro Lake and the Salt River, Butcher Jones Recreation Site is an unforgettable waterfront destination. A sandy beach and eye-popping blue water offer endless fun for the whole family.

Is the Butcher Jones Trail in Saguaro Lake Easy?

If you want to get some miles under your belt and explore Saguaro Lake from a different point of view, the Butcher Jones Trail will give you just that. This trail could be considered easy for the avid hiker, and moderate for beginner trekkers. The trail is rocky, which is expected in the Sonoran Desert.

Are Dogs Allowed in Butcher Jones Park?

Butcher Jones features a pleasant nature trail that is paved and has a handrail. Adjacent to picnic area is a gently sloping beach. Nearby is the fully accessible Peregrine Point Fishing Dock. Saguaro Lake, 31 miles northeast of Mesa. Pets must be restrained or on a leash in the picnic area. Pets are not allowed on the beach.