Why does Slower traffic keep to the right?

Slower traffic should always move to the right, thus allowing those who want to go faster to pass safely on the left. Not only is this the law in most states, but is common sense as well. Drivers in the left-hand lane go slower because they are often looking for an exit, services, etc. and hence will be going slower.

Is it a Florida law Slower traffic Keep right?

In Florida and 44 other states, obstructing traffic in the left lane is against the law. Most states follow the Uniform Vehicle Code and require drivers to keep right if they are going slower than the prevailing speed of traffic, regardless of the speed limit.

Does Florida have a Keep right Except to Pass law?

But slow drivers aren’t off the hook either. Florida Statute 316.081 requires motorists to drive in the right-most lane except when passing other vehicles or when an obstruction makes it necessary to drive on the left or the driver is making a left-hand turn.

Should you slow down when passing another vehicle?

If another vehicle is passing you, slow down a bit and let the other vehicle pass you safely. Never speed up when a vehicle is trying to pass you; this is not a friendly and thoughtful way of sharing the road and, most importantly, it is very dangerous in a two-lane road to speed up when another vehicle is passing you.

How should you react when a traffic officer tells you to do something which is against the law?

How should you react when a traffic officer tells you to do something which is ordinarily considered to be against the law? You must obey the traffic officer at all times.

What should you do if the traffic in the left hand lane is slowing?

What should you do? Explanation: Allow the traffic to merge into the left-hand lane. Leave enough room so that you can maintain a safe separation distance, even if vehicles pull in ahead of you.

What is Florida’s Move Over law?

Florida law requires you to Move Over a lane — when you can safely do so — for stopped law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, and utility service vehicles, tow trucks or wreckers, and maintenance or construction vehicles with displayed warning lights without advanced signs or channelizing devices.

Is Florida a right to merge state?

Since Florida is a no-fault state, merging liability needs to be determined if an injured party decides to pursue a claim against multiple drivers or a single driver who caused permanent injuries.

Is it illegal to drive under the speed limit in Florida?

Florida Vehicle Code Sec. 316.183(5) states that “No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law.

When driving slower than the rest of the traffic on which lane should you be driving?

If you are driving slower than other traffic on the road, you should be driving in the rightmost lane. When slow traffic keeps to the right, it helps maintain a safe, normal flow of traffic. It also makes it easy for other vehicles to pass you on the left, which is generally safer than passing on the right.

When you are caught behind a very slow truck?

When you are caught behind a very slow truck going up a long hill, you should: Stay behind the truck until you reach the top of the hill and the way is clear.