Why do rpm packagers prefer to package the byte-compiled version for distribution?

Hence, RPM Packagers prefer to package the byte-compiled version for distribution to end users. Procedure for byte-compiling programs is different for different languages. It depends on the language, the language’s virtual machine, and the tools and processes used with that language.

How do I sign/resign multiple packages in rpm?

To use the –resign option on multiple package files: $ rpm –resign b*.rpm Enter pass phrase: Pass phrase is good. blather-7.9-1.i386.rpm: bother-3.5-1.i386.rpm: To sign a package at build-time, use the rpmbuild command with the –sign option.

How do I indicate the role of a file in rpm?

Within this section, you can indicate the role of various files using built-in macros. This is useful for querying the package file manifest metadata using the rpm command. For example, to indicate that the LICENSE file is a software license file, we use the %license macro.

What is the rpmsign command?

A new command, rpmsign, used for package signing has been added. The posix.exec () and os.exit () extensions embedded in % {lua:…​} scripts fail the script unless called from a child process created with the posix.fork () scriptlet.

What is the first RPM package to install?

The file /home/mirek/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/hello-world-1-1.x86_64.rpm is your first RPM package. It can be installed in the system and tested. This chapter is about source code and creating software, which are a necessary background for an RPM Packager.

Why does my RPM have no documentation or manual pages for binary?

The no-documentation and no-manual-page-for-binary warnings say that the RPM has no documentation or manual pages, because we did not provide any. Apart from the above warnings, our RPM is passing rpmlint checks. This is the output of running rpmlint on the SPEC file for pello:

What are name version and release directives in rpm?

The Name, Version, and Release directives comprise the file name of the RPM package. RPM Package Maintainers and Systems Administrators often call these three directives N-V-R or NVR, because RPM package filenames have the NAME-VERSION-RELEASE format.