Why do people love fixies?

Fixed-gear bikes make great winter bikes, but they’re also excellent urban rides, provided you don’t have to tackle any long, steep hills. The lack of shifters means there’s one fewer distraction, and the ability to control your speed directly through the transmission gives you a useful extra degree of control.

What is fixie short for?

“Fixie” is short for “fixed gear,” which is a slang term for bicycles that have drivetrains with one gear that’s fixed to the rear wheel so that you cannot coast and must continue pedaling whenever the bike’s moving.

Why is a fixie cool?

Fixies are pretty, tough and super low maintenance The simplicity of a fixed gear drivetrain can make for truly beautiful bicycles and they can be cheap to run too. There aren’t many parts to wear out so they’re perfect for commuting and winter riding.

What is the allure of fixed gear bikes?

Fixed gear bikes have a simplistic appeal, so removing a brake assembly and that unsightly cable creates a neat, clean look that really does make the bike look great. The bike is just a frame, tires, a simple drivetrain, pedals, a seat, and a handlebar by taking the brake off.

Are fixies fast?

The fixed wheel drive chain is slightly more efficient than a geared drive chain. This is because there are no derailleurs causing drag on the chain. You could actually ride “faster” on a fixed bike than a geared bike. Some people race on fixed gear bikes in road time trials for this reason (and a few others).

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