Why did they cancel Aquarius?

Aquarius was never able to generate very high ratings or buzz which was likely the key factor in its cancellation. Season 1 aired at a dismal 1.05 rating with adults 18-49, though that number climbed somewhat when factoring in delayed viewings.

Was Aquarius show Cancelled?

NBC’s Aquarius experiment has come to an end. The network has canceled the summer Charles Manson drama starring David Duchovny, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The project from creator John McNamara was originally picked up straight to series with Duchovny attached.

Will there be a season 3 of Aquarius?

Aquarius: NBC TV Show Cancelled; No Season Three.

Are there any more seasons of Aquarius?

The age of Aquarius has set at NBC: The Peacock network has cancelled the David Duchovny-fronted summer series after two low-rated seasons, TVLine has learned.

Was Sam Hodiak a real person?

David Duchovny is the gruff and wry Hodiak, also known as the clear lead and forever heartthrob. (Sorry Gethin Anthony and Gray Damon.) And, while his character exists surrounded by people based on real figures (Charles Manson, Bunchy Carter, Mary Brunner), Hodiak himself is 100% fictional.

Why is the show called Aquarius?

But, for the show’s purpose, and those of stage-dwelling pseudo-hippies in community theaters across the country, the “Age Of Aquarius” is a catchy term for the cultural emphasis on tolerance, acceptance, and self-examination that powered a youth movement in the New Age of the ’60s and ’70s.

How much of Aquarius is accurate?

The most obviously historically accurate aspect of Aquarius’ depiction of Emma Karn’s involvement with Manson is her acceptance into the “Manson Family.” Charles Manson spent much of the 1960s in prison for petty crimes, but when he was released in March of 1967 he began collecting a following of like-minded (read: …

Is Ken in Aquarius real?

Like everything Aquarius, the answer is a little of both. There is no one person named Ken Karn whose daughter ran off with the Manson family. Still, Karn’s fictional life intersects with real life in a few different ways.