Why did Petco change their name?

“We’re transitioning from being a company that asks, ‘Can I help you put that big bag of dog food into your cart? ‘ into a full health and wellness company,” Petco CEO Ron Coughlin tells Fortune. This rebranding is a logical extension of the moves Petco has been making for a few years to underscore its health cred.

Why did they change Petco logo?

“The update to our logo reflects the fresh, forward-looking company that Petco is today. Our new visual identity better reflects the new Petco — healthy, active, and contemporary — while retaining the essence of the brand, its warmth and our passion for pets.”

How many Petcos are in Florida?

It will be competing with Phoenix-based PetsMart Inc. and Pet Supermarket, headquartered in Sunrise. In the past year, Petco, which currently has 610 stores, opened six stores in Florida, all in the Orlando, Tampa and Daytona areas.

Did they change the Petco logo?

In October 2020, Petco made a major rebranding announcement. The pet supplies retailer planned to pivot towards becoming a health and wellness company for pets. Part of the change included a new company logo. The current logo reads simply as “petco” in blue font with the company name spelled out in lowercase.

What is the new Petco logo?

The new logo is reminiscent of Casper’s logo: navy blue and very simple. The logo change is part of Petco’s rebrand to “Petco, The Health + Wellness Co” from “Petco Animal Supplies.” But consumers are absolutely outraged about the lovable pets’ removal from the logo.

What is PetSmart’s slogan?

“Anything for Pets is more than a new tagline or marketing campaign. For us, it’s a way of life and the fabric of our company, inspired by the associates who continue to go above and beyond to serve our customers and their pets. They are living proof that at PetSmart, we’ll do anything for pets.”

Is Petco privately owned?

2006 – Petco grows to 800 stores in 49 states and more than 18,000 associates nationwide. The company is taken private again by private equity investment groups led by TPG.

What is the Florida puppy mill bill?

SB 620/HB 569 could force cities to compensate businesses for losses that owners claim are the result of a local ordinance, fortifying puppy-selling pet stores throughout Florida—including those which have been exposed for acquiring puppies from dismal puppy mills in the Midwest.

Why did Chewy split from PetSmart?

“The purpose of splitting up the two companies is for PetSmart to divert value to its shareholders at the expense of its creditors by giving PetSmart’s shareholders direct ownership of Chewy shares (rather than PetSmart owning the shares).