Why did Gemma Collins leave TOWIE?

Gemma’s devastating exit from TOWIE comes after she revealed last week that she wanted to start a family next year and would film the journey for a reality show.

What series did Gemma leave TOWIE?

GEMMA Collins has revealed that she has quit The Only Way Is Essex for good. The reality star, who quickly became a household name, has ruled out a return to the hit ITVBe show to focus on new projects.

How is Gemma Collins so rich?

According to celebritynetworth Gemma has a net worth of around £2.89 million with her impressive earnings are due to her successful television shows as well as several shrewd business moves.

Are Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins still friends?

She told presenter and best pal Bobby Norris: “Me and Gemma were good friends for a long time. “I worked with her in the clothing and we were good friends. We were like sisters really and we rowed like sisters as well as loved like sisters. “Me and Gemma no longer talk.

Is Gemma coming back to TOWIE?

Gemma even has her own show with the broadcaster, Gemma Collins: Diva Forever, which gives fans further insight into her life. But it seems she won’t ever be back on the show which made her famous after admitting she ‘won’t do it again. ‘ She told the Daily Star Sunday: ‘I love The Only Way Is Essex.

Is Gemma Collins in Only Way is Essex?

The Only Way is Essex fans have witnessed the last of the iconic Gemma Collins. ‘The GC’ has officially bowed out from the reality TV show that made her a household name. “I love The Only Way is Essex. I wish them all well, but no, I won’t do it again, I’ve moved on,” she told The Daily Star.

Is Gemma Collins doing another show?

The Essex favourite last appeared on Towie for the 2019 Christmas special but has continued to appear on-screen in other ways. Gemma will now reportedly be moving into a new venture with Channel 4 in months to come. She will be looking to make a documentary about self-harm, which the star dealt with herself years ago.

What happened to Gemma Collins?

Personal life. Collins lives in Roxwell, Chelmsford in a barn conversion which she bought for £1.3 million in 2021.

Who’s the richest in The Only Way Is Essex?

1. Mark Wright – £9.2million. And the TOWIE cast member with the biggest net worth is Mark Wright, the OG bad boy from the series. Mark has a net worth of nearly £10million.

Is Billie Faiers A Millionaire?

What is Billie’s net worth? According to Daily Feed, Billie is worth a whopping £3 million, with the majority of her earnings coming from her lucrative reality show deals. She’s believed to have made a ton of money from her appearances on Towie, with The Mummy Diaries adding additional income for the TV personality.

Is Saffron Gemma Collins sister?

The short answer – nope, they’re not still friends. Saffron joined TOWIE as Gemma’s friends but after their row, The GC ventured onto her own projects including her reality show Gemma Collins: Diva Forever & Ever.

Who was saffron TOWIE boyfriend?

The announcement was made during the latest episode (Wednesday October 7th) of the 26th ITV series of the reality soap. Saffron, who is a firm fan favourite on the show, was seen getting upset as she told co-star Georgia Kousoulou that she wants what her and boyfriend Tommy Mallet have together.