Who writes the music for Legend of Zelda?

Koji Kondo
Koji Kondo is best known for his musical contributions to the video game series, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo. At the age of five this Japanese born composer, sound designer, and sound director was learning how to play the electronic organ.

How much money do video game music composers make?

Salary Ranges for Video Game Composers The salaries of Video Game Composers in the US range from $10,193 to $268,601 , with a median salary of $48,891 . The middle 57% of Video Game Composers makes between $48,891 and $121,917, with the top 86% making $268,601.

Did Koji Kondo retire?

Shortly after, Kondo was assigned as the sound designer on the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. His work on the game, especially the overworld musical theme, has often been cited as among the most memorable in video games….Koji Kondo.

Koji Kondo 近藤 浩治
Years active 1983–present

Who made the music for Ocarina of Time?

Koji KondoThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Composer

How do game composers make money?

How do game composers get paid?

  1. Frontend revenue. This is money that’s deposited directly into a composer’s account either through PayPal or a dedicated payroll platform at the commencement of a custom music project.
  2. Milestone revenue.
  3. Backend revenue.
  4. Royalties.
  5. Streaming revenue.
  6. Album sales.
  7. Licensing.
  8. Buy-out.

How do I become a composer?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), composers typically need a bachelor’s degree; however, those who wish to compose popular music typically do not need to meet specific education requirements. Aspiring composers may want to specialize in subjects like composition, songwriting or film scoring.

Why didn’t Koji work on BotW?

Easy answer, they wanted something different. More Ambient. So they went with the composer for Animal Crossing New Leaf. In any case, Koji Kondo doesn’t need to be used for every game in the series, it’s alright if he misses one entry, even if he does miss an entry, his influence is still there.

Who wrote the music for Ocarina of Time?