Who won the 2012 Preakness?

I’ll Have Another2012 Preakness Stakes / WinnerI’ll Have Another is a champion American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the 2012 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.
He was bred in Kentucky, owned by Canadian businessman J. Paul Reddam and trained by Doug O’Neill. Wikipedia

What injury did Secretariat have at the Woods Memorial that caused him to lose?

Later, trainer Lucien Laurin revealed that an abscess inside Secretariat’s mouth must have caused the horse serious discomfort, possibly accounting for the defeat.

Was Secretariat a successful stud?

Secretariat’s record off the track was not as successful as it had been on it. Put out to stud in late 1973, he sired nearly 600 foals, including one horse that sold for more than $1 million at auction—but nearly all of his male offspring failed miserably at the racetrack.

Does Secretariat still hold track records?

Secretariat is the first horse that comes to mind when listing Kentucky Derby records. Arguably the best thoroughbred of all-time, he still holds the Kentucky Derby record at 1:59.40, set in 1973. He also set records at the Preakness and Belmont Stakes en route to a Triple Crown.

Where is I’ll have another horse?

On November 6, 2018, it was announced that I’ll Have Another would return to the U.S. for the 2019 breeding season to stand at stud at the Ballena Vista Farm in Ramona, California for a fee of $6,000.

Where is Secretariat buried standing up?

After his racing career, Secretariat stood at stud at Claiborne until he was 19, when he died of laminitis, an incurable condition affecting a horse’s hooves. Secretariat’s grave is located in an understated horse cemetery, past two brick pillars with granite roosters atop them, behind Claiborne’s main office.

Why was Secretariat’s heart so large?

Secretariat’s hindquarters were the main source of his power, with a sloped croup that extended the length of his femur. When in full stride, his hind legs were able to reach far under himself, increasing his drive. His ample girth, long back and well-made neck all contributed to his heart-lung efficiency.”