Who was the Louisville player broke his leg?

Kevin Ware
During the first half of the Blue Devils vs. Cardinals game, Kevin Ware went up to block a shot and landed awkwardly resulting in a compound fracture in his lower leg – meaning both his tibia and fibula were sticking out of his skin.

Who was the basketball player that broke his leg?

Ware received widespread media attention when he suffered an open fracture of the tibia in his right leg during an Elite Eight game against the Duke Blue Devils on March 31, 2013….Kevin Ware Jr.

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Why did Kevin wares injury happen?

According to reports, Ware fractured (broke) the two bones in his lower leg – the tibia and fibula – when he landed after attempting to block a shot. He sustained what is called an “open fracture”, which means the bone was pushed through the skin and therefore exposed to germs.

What happened to the Louisville player?

The Louisville guard suffered an open fracture, and the bone literally came out of skin near his shin. Ware discussed the injury with ESPN’s Rece Davis: “It was one of those things where I couldn’t believe it. I honestly didn’t feel the pain.

How was Kevin Ware’s tibial fracture managed treated?

Ware was taken to the operating room quickly where they washed his leg out, and the decision made to repair the bones right away. Surgery is a symphony art and science coming together.

How did Kev break his foot?

In season 3 of Shameless, Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) breaks his leg as part of Veronica’s sexcapade (Shanola Hampton) in the bathtub. It is only briefly mentioned in the series, so some fans were confused when Kevin’s leg was in a cast the entire third season.

How did Kevin break his leg Magic Mike?

In the first half of Louisville’s game against Duke, Ware broke his tibia when he landed awkwardly trying to block a shot, the bone bursting through the skin.

What was the Duke basketball player’s leg injury?

When Duke guard Tyler Thornton went up for a 3-pointer, Ware came flying out to block it at a 45-degree angle. The shot went in to pull the Devils (30-6) within 21-20 and there was no contact. But Ware landed awkwardly and his leg buckled and then snapped.

What happened to the Louisville basketball players during the game delay?

The Louisville players were clearly upset. Some went over to the trash can just off the elevated court and threw up. Several, including guard Russ Smith, center Gorgui Dieng and Behanan, sank to their knees, then embraced each other and began crying. Even Pitino had tears in his eyes during the nine-minute delay.

What happened to Louisville basketball’s Kevin Ware?

Trainers tend to Louisville’s Kevin Ware after the sophomore guard breaks his leg against Duke. (Getty Images) INDIANAPOLIS — Kevin Ware ‘s teammates couldn’t bear to watch after he went down in a heap after landing awkwardly on his leg.

How did Deonte Ware break his leg?

On March 31, 2013, in the first half of an Elite 8 game against Duke, Ware landed awkwardly on his right leg after attempting to block a shot, causing an open fracture which protruded several inches out of his shin. Players and coaches on both teams were visibly shaken at the sight of the injury.