Who put together the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy?

A separate film score album, Guardians of the Galaxy (Original Score), composed by Tyler Bates, was also released by Hollywood Records on the same date, along with a deluxe version featuring both albums.

What was the song at the end of peacemaker?

“You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll” — Hardcore Superstar: The final end credits song for Peacemaker season 1 in Hardcord Superstar’s “You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll.”

Is there a Desperate Housewives spin off?

Umutsuz Ev KadınlarıDesperate Housewives / Spin-offUmutsuz Ev Kadınları, is a Turkish comedy-drama TV series, based on the American comedy-drama TV series Desperate Housewives. Wikipedia

Why does Desperate Housewives skip 5 years?

The executive producer was inspired to adopt the five-year plan by the inventive use of flash-forward scenes on another ABC show, “Lost.” “I felt that the soap had really started to build up, and I kind of wanted to pare down to where everyone’s problems were small but very relatable,” Cherry said.

What song plays at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

The final song on the Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 soundtrack is “Guardians Inferno,” an entirely original song featuring vocals from David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff is a noted hero of Peter Quill and the song was intended as a retro disco throwback.

What is the song at the end of Peacemaker episode 8?

Lastly, as the first season comes to a close, the credits are introduced with the sounds of “You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘n Roll,” a song by Swedish heavy metal band Hardcore Superstar (via Discogs).

What song is in Peacemaker episode 8?

Do Ya Wanna Taste It
Lots of bone-crunching, blood-spewing action during this scene as “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” blares in the background.

Why was Desperate Housewives canceled?

Desperate Housewives ended after season 8 because Cherry didn’t want the show to overstay its welcome. Making the decision in concert with Paul Lee, the president of ABC at the time, Cherry explained that he wanted to end the series while it was still valuable for the network.