Who plays Kevin Garvey?

Justin TherouxKevin Garvey / Played byJustin Paul Theroux is an American actor and filmmaker. He gained recognition for his work with director David Lynch in the mystery film Mulholland Drive and the thriller film Inland Empire. Wikipedia

Who does Kevin cheat with in The Leftovers?

Chief Kevin Garvey, Jr. is the Chief of Police in Jarden, Texas, a post he also held in Mapleton. He is an anxious but determined man struggling with his sanity, the uneasy lover of Nora Durst, and has seemingly been gifted the ability to be reborn after dying and visiting the afterlife.

Is Kevin dead in leftovers?

He actually died in the first episode of Season Three. Season Three of The Leftovers premiered on Easter Sunday and will have its finale on Pentecost, the Christian holiday that celebrates when the Holy Spirit descended onto his disciples and followers. This is also recognized as the birth of the Christian church.

Who did Kevin cheat on Laurie with?

Nora Durst However, the two characters officially met last week at the town dance, and it became clear they had never met before.

Why does Kevin sleepwalk in leftovers?

I kind of feel that the more interesting show at this point is that…we’re no longer, we’re done with…the sleepwalking was a manifestation of Kevin’s inability to come to terms with all of the trauma that he was dealing with both prior to the departure and post departure.

Do Kevin and Laurie get back together?

Kevin & Laurie Don’t Get Back Together In Book — But HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Isn’t Following The Book…

Is Kevin Garvey Jesus?

Kevin Garvey, personal Jesus. After dying more than once in the second season of HBO’s The Leftovers (returning Sunday, 9 ET/PT), it’s pretty clear Justin Theroux’s small-town cop has a tendency toward resurrection — which is why folks start thinking he might just be a messiah in “Miracle” as Season 3 opens.

How did Kevin come back to life?

After God released all of the souls of Hell upon the Earth, Kevin returned as one of the Hell Ghosts, revealing that God had cast him to Hell instead of Heaven as he had claimed. Due to being cast to Hell by God himself, Kevin gained a measure of influence over the souls of Hell during his time in the Pit.