Who played RoboCop in the remake?

Joel Kinnaman’s
2014’s RoboCop was Joel Kinnaman’s first big role. He says, “I had to quell all my instincts for everything over the course of that film.

Was RoboCop 2014 a flop?

For example, 2014’s RoboCop. While not a massive commercial or critical flop, it definitely wasn’t the success that those involved hoped it would be, earning mixed reviews and only a little over $242 million worldwide.

Who played Alex Murphy RoboCop 2014?

Joel Kinnaman
Director José Padilha and Joel Kinnaman (Alex Murphy/RoboCop) fought hard for an R-rating, but due to the ever expanding budget, which ballooned from a modest $60 million to $100 million, studio executives were forced to deliver a PG-13 rating, in hopes of recouping the money the studio had spent on the film.

Is there a RoboCop 4?

Robocop 4: Crash & Burn.

Is RoboCop 2014 getting a sequel?

In July 2018, it was announced the series would again be rebooted with a film directed by Neill Blomkamp, titled RoboCop Returns, which will serve as a direct sequel to Verhoeven’s original film and ignore the events of previous sequels and the 2014 reboot.

What is RoboCop’s real name?

Officer Alex James Murphy
Officer Alex James Murphy (designation number: OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001), commonly known as RoboCop, is a fictional cybernetically-enhanced Detroit Police Department officer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee and is the main protagonist in the film series of the same name.

What car is the 6000 SUX?

The 6000 SUX appeared in the first film only, and it was never made clear (for obvious legal reasons) which Detroit automaker was responsible for this fictional monstrosity. The car itself was a heavily modified Oldsmobile Cutlass from 1976. The 1994 TV series had cameos from a number of goofy vehicles.

How heavy was the RoboCop suit?

The suit used in RoboCop:prime Directives weighed anywhere from 55-65 pounds. The original RoboSuit was a bit heavier, but was eventually lightened to its present weight. The RoboCable suit weighed in at about forty pounds.

What replaced Ford Taurus?

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Will Ford make the Taurus again?

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