Who played Natalia on How I Met Your Mother?

Anne Dudek plays Natalie, a girlfriend that Ted broke up with on her birthday. In Friends (1994), The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss (2003), Anne Dudek plays Precious, a girlfriend of Mike who also split up with her on her birthday.

Who did Katy Perry play on How I Met Your Mother?

“Oh Honey” is the 15th episode of the sixth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and the 127th episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2011. It features Katy Perry as a guest star, playing Honey, the gullible character that the episode is named after. Episode no.

Who played Stella’s assistant in How I Met Your Mother?

Britney Spears
Britney Spears The Princess of Pop brought her star power to How I Met Your Mother for two episodes in 2008. She appeared as Abby, a receptionist at dermatologist Stella’s office with a soft spot for Ted.

What does Ranjit say in rabbit or duck?

Ranjit shouts in Persian while the gang are arguing about rabbits and ducks. Translated into English, he says: “duck can swim, duck can walk, duck can fly, what do you want from an animal?”

Was Moby really in HIMYM?

J.P. Manoux Also Played Fake Moby In HIMYM Season 1 Nearly seven years before Manoux portrayed Faux-by in Community, he played Fake Moby in How I Met Your Mother season 1. The episode, titled “The Limo,” followed Ted and his friends on New Year’s Eve 2005 as they tried to have a night they would remember forever.

Why was Britney Spears in How I Met Your Mother?

Spears was a fan of How I Met Your Mother, so she had her team contact the show’s co-creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Some of the cast members were hesitant about a big name making a cameo, since they feared the series would look like they were relying on celebrities to bring in ratings.

Who was the girl ruining Barneys?

Someone is sabotaging Barney’s love life — turns out she’s Britney Spears, a.k.a. Abby, the receptionist in Stella’s clinic whom Barney bedded. When Barney and Robin are mistaken for a couple in episode 5, she denies it 16 times… yet she sleeps with him later in the season.

What language did Ranjit speak in Himym?

In Pilot, Ranjit says he is from Bangladesh, although he speaks fluent Persian (Farsi). He first meets Robin in The Limo. He may or may not be extremely strong as he lifts an entire Keg of beer easily in Three Days of Snow.