Who owns the Jane Austen ring?

A ring once owned by the 19th century novelist Jane Austen is to remain in Britain after a museum successfully raised funds to buy it from American singer Kelly Clarkson.

Where is Jane Austen’s ring?

the Jane Austen’s House Museum
But Culture minister Ed Vaizey imposed an export bar on it and a campaign last year saw the ring bought for the Jane Austen’s House Museum in Hampshire. The turquoise and gold ring is now on permanent display at the museum.

What is Jane Austen ring?

Physical description: The ring is a plain 9 carat gold band; the ends of the band curve round under the gold bezel which holds a bright blue oval turquoise stone. It came in a ring box marked with the name T West, a goldsmith in London, but the box is not original.

What is Kelly Clarkson doing with Jane Austen’s engagement ring?

Clarkson has agreed to re-sell the ring and it will now be kept at the museum, which is where Austen lived the last eight years of her life until her death in 1817. Kelly Clarkson performs at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in February. John Shearer / AP

What happened to Jane Austen’s gold ring?

LONDON — “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson has been forced to sell a $250,000 gold and turquoise ring once owned by English novelist Jane Austen after a museum raised enough cash to keep the item in the U.K.

How much is Elizabeth Clarkson’s engagement ring worth?

Clarkson, who is a fan of the 19th-century author, bought the ring at a London auction where she paid more than five times the reserve price of £30,000 (about $48,000). However, the U.K. government imposed a temporary export ban in August. Such measures can be imposed on items considered to be “national treasures.”

Will Jeremy Clarkson’s jewellery be displayed at the museum?

Museum curator Mary Guyatt called Ms Clarkson “gracious” and said she hoped “to welcome Ms Clarkson at the museum in the future”. The museum already displays two other pieces of jewellery owned by the writer – a turquoise beaded bracelet and a topaz cross.