Who owns MiX Telematics?

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What does MiX Telematics do?

MiX Telematics develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. We focus our energy on creating hardware and software that is specific to our customers’ requirements and aim to build long-term partnerships.

What industry is MiX Telematics?

MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet management, driver safety and vehicle tracking solutions. Our products and services, designed for both consumers and commercial fleet operators, enable customers to actively manage their mobile assets – from trucks and buses to vans, cars, motorbikes and trailers.

How many employees does MiX Telematics have?

MiX Telematics employs over 1,000 people who are dedicated to the design, development, sales and support of our solutions and services.

How do I cancel MiX Telematics?

Settling a month-to-month contract is even easier, simply send a letter of cancellation to our retentions team at [email protected] and we’ll have you sorted. Be sure to send us one month’s written notice and you won’t be charged again after that month.

How much does telematics cost?

Telematics pricing works with GPS Insight on a per-vehicle/per-month basis. The per-unit cost correlates to what solution and features you need to overcome your unique business challenges and get the best results. Here’s what you can expect at a base-level vehicle tracking cost. 14.95 – $32.95 per month, per vehicle.

How do I cancel Mix Telematics?

What is meant by Telematics?

In its broadest sense, telematics is the joining of two sciences—telecommunications, a branch of technology including phone lines and cables, and informatics such as computer systems. Today, the term is commonly used in reference to the telematics solutions utilized in commercial fleet vehicles.

How do I track my car on Beame?

You won’t be able to track the position of your vehicle on a map, but rest assured, Beame uses advanced technology to find and recover your stolen vehicle.

How long is a tracker contract?

Early cancellation costs means the fees payable by you for ending a 36-month contract before the end of its 36-month term. Fee means the monthly fee that you pay to us for the Service. Installation fee means the upfront fee that you pay to us if you do not enter into a 36-month agreement.

When did cars start having telematics?

Even before GPS was developed, fleet telematics was invented in 1974 — or at least the origins of it. The U.S. automobile industry had begun a form of fleet telematics; as new cars rolled out of assembly plants via the Ford, Chrysler and General Motors manufacturers, they were cataloged using an electronic process.