Who modeled Gollum?

He took a snapshot of the Gollum model from the first film, a photograph of Andy Serkis, and drew a sketch mixing elements of the two. From that single sketch, Peter Jackson realized they could tune the original Gollum to look more like Serkis, and so they decided to go ahead with a redesign.

What did Gollum look like originally?

In a manuscript written to guide illustrators to the appearance of his characters, Tolkien explained this by saying that Gollum had pale skin, but wore dark clothes and was often seen in poor light.

Why does Gollum look different in Fellowship?

The reason for the change in Gollum’s look centers around the performance of Andy Serkis in Two Towers and Return of the King. Gollum’s appearance in Fellowship of the Ring was designed as no more than an introduction to the character, and Serkis didn’t get the chance to fully explore the character yet.

How was CGI Gollum?

Gollum was conjured using an animation technique known as performance capture or motion capture. Special cameras recorded actor Andy Serkis’ movements and expressions, from froggy hops to conflicted scowls.

What mental illness does Gollum have?

Liz Sampson, concludes that Gollum was actually suffering from schizoid personality disorder. In the paper, Sméagol is described as a single, 587 year old, hobbit-like male of no fixed abode. He displays antisocial behaviour, increasing aggression, and preoccupation with the ‘one ring’.

Is Gollum a real actor?

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Was Gollum CGI in The Hobbit?

As part of our weeklong exploration of SFX on film, we’re looking back at the genesis of a character who helped change the course of how computer-generated effects are used on film: Gollum, the Tolkien creation played by Andy Serkis and brought to life by Weta Digital in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.

Is Gollum all CGI?

The creation of Gollum is pure visual effects wizardry and the motion capture proved incredibly unique and influential back in 2002. Unfortunately, Gollum is composed entirely of CGI (minus Andy Serkis’s physical movements) and the said CGI is now twenty years old.

Why is LOTR CGI so good?

As the CGI models couldn’t look completely realistic, they were often forced to hide in shadows so the details were naturally lost. So the CGI Shelob looked better, as there was minimal light reflecting off of her textures. And the same technique can be seen when the Fellowship is attacked in the Mines of Moria.

Why does Golem have 2 personalities?

He has a split personality – Gollum and Sméagol. The ring warped the original nice hobbit Sméagol into the evil Gollum. The two different personalities are in conflict for control. This is also why he argues with himself.