Who makes the Kobalt mower?

Kobalt Lawn Mower Overview Well I am sure it’s because Greenworks makes the Kobalt mower, but it’s more of an observation than a researched fact. The Kobalt lawn mower is based on an 80V platform which has power, but unfortunately the batteries are only a 2Ah battery.

Where are Kobalt lawn mowers manufactured?

They were made by Hongkong Sun Rise Trading Ltd. of China and sold for about $350 at Lowe’s and on Lowes.com, as well as other walk-in and online retailers, including Amazon.com, from May 2014 to July 2016.

Are ego and Kobalt the same?

Ego was founded in 1993 and emerged as a cordless outdoor equipment brand that rivals the power and performance of gas-powered tools. Kobalt, launched in 1998, is the house brand of Lowe’s, the home improvement store. Kobalt lawn mowers are currently manufactured by Chervon.

Is Kobalt a good mower brand?

The Bottom Line The self-propelled version of the Kobalt 40V mower does a fine job for homeowners that keep up with their lawns. It doesn’t have the cutting power and runtime that some of the higher voltages do. But it makes up for it with quiet operation and fantastic pricing for bargain hunters.

Where is Kobalt made?

Kobalt tools are manufactured by J.S Products, and are made in the United States, Taiwan, and China. Additionally, Kobalt tools are known for their power tools, air tools, and hand tools.

Which is better Greenworks or Kobalt?

Both mowers have good designs but Greenworks has an edge over Kobalt. Why? Battery selection and variation in height adjustments. Update 2020: Kobalt now available with 5Ah battery but it is more expensive than GreenWorks –Link provided at the end of the article.

Is Greenworks better than ego?

First of all, the big difference here is price: The Greenworks 80V is $135 for the tool alone and with 2Ah battery is $230. Meanwhile the EGO 56V is significantly more at $220+ for the blower alone and $300 for the tool with the battery. The battery, however, is a 5Ah battery which means that it has 280Wh vs.

Where is the serial number on a Kobalt lawn mower?

rear bag door area
Both models have a large label on the rear bag door area with a serial number, model number and date code. The Kobalt brand mowers also have an item number on the label.

Does a battery lawn mower need oil?

No, electric lawn mowers do not need oil. They don’t really need much in motor maintenance at all. Electric lawn mowers do not use oil, air filters, spark plugs, gasoline, or pull cords. The lack of maintenance is a huge selling point for electric mowers and a reason many people are switching to them.

Does Kobalt have lifetime warranty?

LIFETIME HASSLE FREE GUARANTEE You should never have a problem with your Kobalt tool. However, if you do, return the item to the place of purchase for a free replacement. No questions asked. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.